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ASL Field Trip Proposal

No description

victoria canady

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of ASL Field Trip Proposal

AASD school consists of individuals who are both moderately and profoundly deaf as well as multi-handicapped students.

over 80% of the faculty members hold a Masters or higher degree. Atlanta Area School of the Deaf Established in 1972 How can we get a better understanding for ASL and Deaf culture? Reasons To see how their world and lifestyle is different from ours.

To understand more about the deaf culture and experience being around and communicating with deaf students. Location Clarkston, Atlanta Fundraiser If there are any problems about getting there, we could have a fundraiser and sell items to raise money for the trip. Victoria Canady, Ke'Osha King, Katrina Rouse ASL Field Trip Proposal Classroom programs range from preschool through twelfth grade. Devoted to providing quality, comprehensive, full-day instructional services to infants, children, and youth who are deaf, including persons with multiple handicaps. AASD has deaf faculty members. In our prezi we are going to
touch on why it is important
for American Sign Lanugage students to be exposed to "true" deaf culture by visiting a deaf school.
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