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Tulane University

No description

Suchaya Stanyasuwan

on 10 April 2014

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Transcript of Tulane University

NIH Mentored Career Development Opportunities
How to Write a Successful NIH Career Development Award (K Award)
Mark H. Roltsch, Ph.D.
Executive Director
Office of Academic Research and Sponsored Projects

Two 30 minute presentations
1st Presentation
K Award Mechanism
2nd Presentation
Application Process

Identify the several most likely Institutes for funding based on your specialty/scientific interests

- See what Institute staff attend the same meetings you do
Mentored Career Awards
- Choosing the right mechanism
Application Process
- Become very familiar with PA …
know the application requirements and review criteria …
- What are your Career Goals?
Process-Part 1(6 months before deadline)
The PA“What it says …. How to use it”
The Process-Part 2(4-6 months before deadline)
The Process – Part 3(3-4 months before deadline)
Process-Part 4 (The “other” sections)
Common Problems
Common Problems
- Lack of well thought out research or training plans
- Mentor: off-site location, unengaged
Review Criteria for NIH
Training Grants

K Kiosk - Information about NIH Career Development Awards
Google - K Kiosk

Read the PA
Application Process
- When should you consider applying?
(apply after 1-1.5 years in a mentor’s lab
to allow for familiarity with project and
generate preliminary data)
- Assess level of productivity to date
(abstracts, papers?)
- Which funding mechanism is most appropriate?
- Make a checklist with milestones (e.g. form advisory committee, contact references for letters, drafts of different sections, budgets, GCO paperwork, etc.)
- Allow 4-6 months to prepare the application
-When do you call a Program Officer?
- Weak or absent hypothesis
- Weak institutional support
- Weak publication history, inexperienced PI
- Lack of knowledge of published relevant work
- Unrealistically large amount of work
- Uncertainty concerning future career directions
- Poor presentation (figures too small, writing errors)
Determine the best mechanism
Determine the Institute
- How to determine the correct Institute
- Application Process
- Helpful Hints
- Common Problems
- See who funds your mentor’s research
- See what Institutes are issuing PAs in your area
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