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Naming Hydrocarbons

No description

emma brown

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Naming Hydrocarbons

Naming Hydrocarbons
Alkyl Groups Alkyl group is often shown as "R" Suffix "yl" number of carbons in the longest carbon chainpresent in the compound. Naming Alkanes NO double bonds suffix "ane" 4 carbons= stem: But- no side chains
compound= -ane 5 carbons= pent- one alkyl side chain= methyl group methyl group on carbon 2 compund is alkane
suffix= -ane Naming Alkenes if there is ever more than one alkyl group on the main chain, the groups are named alphbetically. An unsaturated hydrocarbon with at least one carbon-to-carbon double bond: C=C Suffix: -ene The position of the double bond has to be stated. this applies with 4 or more carbons in the longest chain. you only need to use the smaller number. if the double bond starts at C1 it must go to C2. 4 carbons in the longest chain= stem but- double bond between -1- and 2. compound is alkene= suffix -ene but-1-ene. Naming organic compounds An alkene with a hydrogen atom removed. e.g: CH3, C2H5 Stem, Prefix and suffix added after the stem added before the stem. Nomenclature
a system of naming compounds Organic molecules are typically made up of:
- a carbon chain
- side chains or alkyl groups
one or more functional group Question Draw the dis[played formula of the following hydrocarbons:
- 2-methylpentane
Answers 2-methylpentane
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