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Non-Infectious Diseases

No description

Tierney Honeyborne

on 11 May 2013

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Transcript of Non-Infectious Diseases

Template by Missing Link
Images from Shutterstock.com Non-Infectious Diseases What are non infectious diseases?
Non-Infectious diseases are diseases
that are not caused by virus,or by a
living organism. They are in your genes and are
inherited from your parents. Most Non-Infectious diseases cannot
be prevented, it is part of your
DNA. Non-Infectious diseases can be treated
with medication but cannot be cured. Some non infectious diseases can be prevented.
-Lung cancer can be pevented by not smoking.
-Metabolic diseases can be prevented by
eating a balanced diet and choosing healthier
snacks opposed to unhealthy ones.
-using sun screen when you are in the sun
to help prevent skin cancer. Different non infectious diseases:
Allergies- an over reaction of the immune system to something that is usually harmless.
Spina Bifida- a congenital disorder caused by the incomplete closing of the embryonic neutral tube.
Psoriasis- a chronic immune-mediated that effects the skin, nails and joints. Psoriasis occurs when the immune system mistakes a normal skin cell for a pathogen, and sends out faulty signals that cause overproduction of new skin cells.
Graves Disease- an auto immune disease most commonly affects the thyroid, causing it to become twice its size or more, becoming over active, with related hyperthyroid symptoms such as increased heartbeat, bulging eyes, muscle weakness, etc. Psorasis symptom of
graves disease Objective:
Today students will learn what Non-infectious diseases are and participate in an activity Focus Questions:
What are non-infectious diseases?
How are they Caused?
How are they Prevented? Guided Learning Activity -Get into 7 groups ( about 4 people per group) Make a poster about Non-Infectious diseases.
-Include 3 visual representations, Color and Explanation (just a sentence or two) YOU HAVE ONLY 15 MINUTES
Then we will do a mini-presentation
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