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Eureka stockade

No description

Jasmine pik

on 10 October 2016

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Transcript of Eureka stockade

what is the Eureka Stockade?
The Eureka Stockade is an event in the development of Australian Democracy Which they thought was born in Eureka.Seeing as the government was putting the taxes higher up the unsuccessful minors would have to pay the taxes for no apparent reason.
What happens at Sovereign Hill?
Sovereign Hill is a museum in golden point a suburb of Ballart and Victoria Australia.Soverign hill depicts Ballart.

what happened to miners that did not hold a license?
They miners would be brutaly beaten and would have to pay higher taxes mostly if they came from different countries.
How has the Eureka Stockade contributed to democracy in Australia?
What did he achieve?
when peter moved to Australia in eureka he became an important politician in Victoria.
Peter Lalor
Peter Lalor is a politician who rose to Fame for leading role in the Eureka Stockade.He was born on February 5th 1827 in Ireland.He moved to Australia to start a new life with one of his brother he moved at the time when the gold rush started.He then toke part in paliment.Peter lalor is from Ireland.
what life was like for the miners
People where arguing if Australia's democracy was born in eureka.On the 11th of November, 10,000 diggers demand the release of the three diggers, the abolition of the license and the vote for all the males.
Eureka stockade
life on the gold fields was hard and tiring.
The hard part was when you had to pay
for the license. Miners would be brutaly beaten to death if they did not have a license.
what where his Challenges?
Peter Lalor led 1854 gold miners at the Eureka Stockade in Ballarat ,Victoria.
did he help or hinder the minors in there endeavour to find gold?
He helped the miners be free from there gold licsene.
How was he involved in the Eureka stockade?
He was a politician who rose to fame by leading the Eureka Stockade. He was famous for being the only outlaw to make it to Paliament
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