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canadas wonderland wonderland

No description

parthav patel

on 14 February 2014

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Transcript of canadas wonderland wonderland

there are washrooms
and restaurants such as pizza pizza, pizza hut,and kfc.
There is a line of fountains
in front of the gate.
They light up with
beautiful colors at night
Medieval section
there are lots
of scary rides in this section lets check it out
Hello my name is Parthav and today I am going to be talking to you about Canada's wonder land and talking you through a tour of Canada's wonder land as well.
Fun and only!
Canada's wonderland is huge amusement park for children and adults of all ages. No one is to young for Canada's wonderland
Canada's wonder land is located in Vaughn Ontario.It is the only Canada's wonderland in Canada or in the world. Were lucky we live close to it.
Canada's wonderland has more then 3,481,000 vistor's every seoson it also has a 81,000 metre square water park
There are two ways of getting in to the park. you can either get a season pass or a day pass. A season pass is when you can go to the park any time from may to October 31. A season pass costs about 400$.
Canada's wonderland is open daily from may to October 31 or Halloween.The park has 16 roller coaster the most in Canada and the second most in the world
A day pass is when you can go for a day only.A day pass costs about 40$.
The vortex

Height:98 ft
Drop:85 ft
Length:2361 ft
Duration:1:36 min
Thunder run

height: 33 ft(10 meters)
Length: 1083 ft(330)
speed:64 km\h
Duration:1:24 Sec
height restriction:40 in

duration:2 min
height restriction:137 cm
per row:20
Height: 306ft(93m)
speed:148km/h(92 mph)
Duration:3:38 min
max angle drop:80ft!
height restriction:54in(137cm)
Tower hieght:174ft-315ft
drop hieght:100ft-272ft
riders per vehicle: 4
duration:1min 30sec
height restrictions:54in
this part of the park is based on
the world of snoopy and his friends. most of the rides will be named after snoopy and his friends.
lucy's tugboat

lucy's tugboat is a tugboat ride
that slips and slides on a rail way
snoopy's revolution
In this ride kids will it in their choice of a hot air balloon and will revolve around in a circle
ghoster coaster
Planet snoopy
Woodstock whirly birds
in this ride you spin and swirl
and around
and around
and around
with Snoopy's friend wood stock
chopper chase
chopper case is a helicopter on a monorail which travels around planet snoopy
you can increase your speed by peddeling faster if you get too close to a copter you stop wait then start again
taxi jam
taxi jam is a steel roller coaster for kids
this ride is designed to be a child's very first roller coaster. a taxi races down a path while a police car follows
here's a video of the new leviathan
discussion questions
1.There are two way's of getting in Canada's wonderland. Either with a season pass or a day pass. which one would you take?
2.Canada's wonderland is open only in the summer.Do you think they should open the park during the winter?
3.do you think they should open other Canada's wonder land some where else such as in the U.S.A?
Canada's wonderland
water park
kidz ville
action zone
swing of the century
the fly
black hole
whirl wind
body blast
kidzville station
swing time
silver streak
dragon fire
mighty canadian mine buster
This section is called the medival faire
there are a lot of scary rides in this section
some of them will blow you away(not actually)
overall information
name of park
here are some rides that I have not mentioned
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