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No description

Hannah Nemerov

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of Rainbows

By Mia Pallazza, Hannah Nemerov, and Meghan Konka Refraction is the bending and separation of light. Refraction WHAT IS REFRACTION?
Each time the light hits or goes through the rain drop, a little bit of the light goes out of the raindrop. So when the light goes into the raindrop some also leaves the raindrop. This is why rainbows are a little bit transparent, the less light the less bright it is. Rainbow and Refraction Diffraction and refraction have a lot in common. They both are a way light moves through an object. Diffraction and Refraction Diffraction Grating Glasses have little prisms inside the lenses. So when the white light goes through the lenses it separates the light from any source into its spectral components. Diffraction Glasses Refraction occurs each time light passes across a boundary from one substance to another, such as air to water This is what you would see when looking at a light through diffraction glasses Step 3 Step 2 Step 1 How are rainbows made? White light enters the raindrop and is refracted ROYGBIV Next the refracted light is reflected off the other side of the raindrop ROYGBIV Last, the reflected light is transmitted back out the raindrop. Refracting again on the surface into an arc. ROYGBIV RAINBOW Rainbows are examples of refraction Like refraction, when light goes through and object the light spreads out, but in diffraction instead of the light remaining strait, the light is spread from a broad opening into a narrow spreading A CD is an example of diffraction you can see the colors of the rainbow, but instead of strait lines like refraction you can see the light is fanned out Rainbow Fun facts Beyond the arch of the rainbow, where we see no color, the raindrops may be emitting color but none shine in our direction

Blue and red are usually more prominent

In theory there are usually additional rainbows (3rd and 4th) but these are too faint to see.

Each color is shining on the raindrop from a different direction, depending on which side of one particular raindrop you see more of one color than the others Refraction Diffraction . . . Thank you for watching Diffraction Glasses Diffraction glasses are glasses that make everything look like rainbows. How Do diffraction Glasses work? The lenses on the glasses act like a prism and the light refracts off of the glasses, making everything look like rainbows This is what you would see when looking at a light through diffraction glasses
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