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Ballroom Dancing

No description

Joyce Garcia

on 2 June 2014

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Transcript of Ballroom Dancing

Ballroom Dancing
Ballroom dancing originated in the early 16th century. This dance was historically distinguished from folk or country dancing. It was a social dance for the privileged and the elite.
Types of Ballroom
There are many different types of ballroom dances. Standard ballroom dances include:
the waltz
the polka
the tango
the fox trot
two step
quick step

Ballroom dancing is normally very elegant. You must always dance with a partner, holding the other’s hand. When dancing, dancers must have good poise and posture. Dancers are always light ad quick on their feet, looking as if they don’t touch the ground.
Stories & Moods
When looking at ballroom dancing, different stories are told. For example, the fox trot is a story of people going on an adventure. When looking at the waltz, it is like seeing people meet for the first time and bond together.

Ballroom dancing also leaves us feeling something. Sometimes we feel satisfied. Sometimes we feel relaxed and at home. And sometimes, we're just left feeling content and pleased.
Different types of music are used to accompany the different types of ballroom. In the early days, they would use music with big orchestras, written by well known composers.
The Second Waltz by Dmitri Shostakovitch
Blue Danube Waltz by Johann Strauss ll

Here are some videos of ballroom dancing:
By: Joyce & Tarandeep
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