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Green Willow

No description

Kareen Barazi

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of Green Willow

Green Willow
After five years together, Green Willow reveals to Tomotada that she is the embodiment of a willow tree that has been cut and so she has to die as well.
The samurai spends the rest of his life as a priest tending to three tree stumps, which once were the lives of Green Willow and her parents.
1. Beginning: adventurous, dangerous, discipline and hospitable.
2. Middle: hospitable, romantic, peaceful, and joyful.
3. End: surprise, helplessness, grief, and mournful.

Reem Bayoud, Kareen Barazi, Samer Itani, and Zeinab Fawaz.
A noble samurai, Tomotada, is sent on a quest.
Delayed by a storm, he seeks shelter at an old cottage on a hill owned by the aged tenants and their daughter, Green Willow.
Instantly, he becomes infatuated with her beauty, and abandons his quest in favor of spending his life with her as a poor farmer.
1. Man vs. nature (external conflict): Tomotada battles a storm at the beginning of the story while he is embarking on his quest.
2. Man vs. self (internal conflict): Tomotada debates within himself whether or not to abandon his post as a samurai for Green Willow or to resume his quest.

Major Themes
1. The power and beauty of nature
2. Fate
3. Sacrificing for love
Ideals of Beauty
1. Appearance: long hair, delicate features, and willowy.
2. Temperament: graceful, delicate, polite, respectful, modest, quiet, and obedient.
1. Brave: Tomotada was brave to embark on this quest.
2. Sacrifices: Tomotada sacrifices his life as a samurai.
3. Humility: Tomotada decides to marry a woman of a very low social class.
4. Confidence: Tomotada asks for Green Willow’s hand in marriage even though he has just met her.
5. Endurance: Tomotada endures the forces of nature, as well as Green Willow’s death.
6. Skillful: He is a samurai.
The moment when Tomotada decides to sacrifice his noble position as a samurai to spend his life with Green Willow.
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