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Science: space project

No description

Zeynep Cekic

on 3 November 2013

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Transcript of Science: space project

By: Zeynep Cekic
The rocket will be using
Our destination
we will be riding a luxurious rocket to Neptune.
The rocket will take us straight to Neptune. But
while were going we will see some planets (but
wont actually go there) sme planets we will be
seeing is Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and then our
destination of Neptune.
Day 1: on the rocket
Day 2: tour of Neptune
Day 3: go carts on the rings
Day 4: learning about the history of Neptune
Day 5: learning about the stars
Day 6: touring all the moos
Day 7: relax
For first class it costs $3 578 . And economy costs
$2 578. You can either order your tickets nline at www.visitneptune.ca or you can call us at 416-555-0783
Please dress appropriate because neptune is
really cold and also we are visiting the moons
triton (Neptunes bigest moon) is even colder. We
will provide the space suits (because its hard t find and you can't breath Neptunes air) so please dress appropriate.
There will be a free buffet. There will be vegetarian food, meat, helal meat, sandwiches, soups, drinks, desserts, cake, e.t.c
play for backround music
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