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The zombie project

No description

on 17 April 2014

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Transcript of The zombie project

Virus or Bacteria,
I think the zombie infection is a virus because a virus can't be treated with antibiotics and neither can the zombie infection. Also, a bacteria is like a common cold but a virus isn't.
Why do you think plants aren't being infected?
Plants aren't being infected because, they have a special bacteria in them (the good kind) and that bacteria is able to cure the zombies. The organelles in our bodies are part of the cell, some organelles have a special "thing" in it that will help fight, a sickness, infection or a zombie infection. So basically its an organelle that's very strong.
Differences between plant and animal cells
The zombie project
Why animal cells are being infected?
These are some differences between plant and animal cells. One difference is that there is a cell wall that is a second line of defense for the cell. Another difference is there is chloroplasts,but the animal cell does not have any. Also the animal cell has centriole. So that are some differences between plant and animal cells
The animal cells are being infected because the virus or bacteria are spreading and we are trying to find a way to fight it or get rid of it.

By, Anthony Enriquez, Brenda Bernardino, Federico Almanza, and Meg Villanueva.
Why we are doing this?
We are doing this for the CDC because they want us to develop a cure for this devastating disease which is to cure zombie infections. They want us to recognize any fellow people who might have gotten this infection.
By, Brenda Bernardino
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