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Totem Poles

No description

Matthew Grundler

on 21 August 2013

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Transcript of Totem Poles

Pacific Northwestern Native Americans They live throughout the Washington and Oregon area. Totem Pole What is a totem pole? Why do they use them? Who uses them? The First was A Tribe of Native Americans called the Haida Tribe. It is a decorative piece of wood carved from red cedar. The Native Americans use them to record tribal history, along with family history. Where do they live? What do they use to decorate them? They use all types of animals, which they feel have a special significance in their tribe. These animals all have different meaning: Raven - The trickster of Northwest Coast Native lore.
Curious and mischievious, often misbehaving
but never boring. Sea Turtle - This totem is representative of Mother Earth. Thunderbird - A mythological bird known to manifest the rolling of thunder while beating its wings and creating lightening when blinking it's eyes. Known to kill whales. Eagle - Intelligent and resourceful. He rules the sky and is able to transform himself into a human. Wolf - Very powerful totem who can help people
that are sick or in need. Bear - A teacher symbol, it is believed that Bears
taught the People to catch salmon and pick berries. Frog - Known for bringing wealth. Otter - The otter is a mischievous creature that is also
a symbol of laughter, curiosity, grace, and empathy. Salmon - The salmon symbolizes instinct, persistence,
and determination. Owl - The owl is a very respected animal and
is thought to symbolize the souls of the departed. Killer Whale - Whales are honored as strong and brave fish. The mythology of the killer whale is that it will bring food and assistance to a chief or other important person lying helpless and/or wounded.
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