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SAP Payroll

No description

Jeremy Amos

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of SAP Payroll

HR Master Data Entry Primarily keyed manually
Some imported via interface Self-Service Most scalable data entry point! Time Data Output Payroll This incredibly powerful calculation engine digests all of the data passed to it in order to determine our gross-to-net payroll.

It is heavily dependent on its understanding of the data to determine what to do. Integration between the payroll and master data is critical. INTERNAL
Accounting Postings

Check payments to Employees
ACH payments to Employees
Payments to Vendors
Payments to Tax Authorities (~30)
Tax Reports
Payments to Garnishment Authorities (~145)
Garnishment Documentation
Interfaces to Vendors (~25) Time data is being keyed manually by time administrators, in clocks, and some via self-service.

Time-off balance calculations are managed here. Payroll Processing A closer look at HCM Key Data: HR DATA
Employee Events (Actions)
Personal Information
Organizational Assignment
Addresses Kronos
At A Glance

Total Employees in Kronos: 1972
Managed by Time Admins: 847
Employees on Self-Service: 432
Employees on Time Clocks: 693 Employee Employee Search
Important Links
Display Personal Data
Maintain Address
Maintain Bank
View Payslip
View Time-off balances Manager Org Chart
View Team time-off balances
View Team information PAY DATA
Basic Pay
Bank Details
Tax Information
Garnishment Info Only The Basics? Future State Direction #1 Payroll System Only
No pure HR environment Easy to Scale and Grow
Heavy Data Entry Time System Optimization No Self Service
Only Simple Display Continue Existing Talent Processes
No Org Management, Performance, Compensation, Succession, etc. Consolidated Reporting in ERP/BW
Limited HR data Shift Gears to Deliver More? Future State Option #2 Deliver Payroll
Find Outsourcing Partner Reporting Our Way
What Do We Want? Easy to Grow as We Do
May Need to Simplify Unlock Self Service for Employees and Managers
Requires Training and Trust Leverage a Solid Foundation to Move into Performance, Compensation, etc.
Keep it Simple but Effective HR Analytics! HR4U Where do we go from here?
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