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Helen's Figurative Language house

No description

Helen Telahun

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of Helen's Figurative Language house

Helen's Figurative Language store
We have everything that's anything you need from Personification to Idiom anything you want we got!!!!!!!
You know it you love it it's the one the only Personification the only kind of Figurative language that lets you run as fast as a cheetah, if you love to give animal, object or an idea, human qualities this is the figurative language for you!!!! You can using in many different kinds of ways just look at the samples below Now for only 99 cent
Has a gnat ever bugged you so much, that you would love to hit it with some Alliteration POWER!!! WHAT!!!!!!!! You dont know what Alliteration is well its the repetition of a constant sound at the beginning of words. Anyways buy it now for just $1 for 20 pack and 1 for 5 cents CALL NOW!! AT (605)-462-8390
COME ON DOWN!!!!!!!! To the Figurative Language store where everything's a big deal, just like the hyperbole section in the store so you can use an extreme exaggeration to make a point. Just for 10 million dollars just kidding see what i did there. 1 just at an extremely low price of 5 cent and a pack for 10 cents.please i'm going to die if you dont.
Wouldn't you love your eyes be diamonds or what well now you can just go to the nearest Figurative language store to you, just ask for a thing that's know for being a direct comparison between two unlike things saying something is something else.
The bees danced happily across the flowers!!

The naughty nagging gnat never lets me naps
Watch your back- You wouldn't want to be Cleopatra-pg.16
Your on thin ice
I could eat a million cows right now
More then a billion people went to the graduation.
The woman's eyes were diamonds
The baby's feet were plums
Before you come to the Figurative language mystery store for some sneaky Idioms use them for anything anywhere like for telling someone that there driving you the wall don't press my buttons or you wont be getting that discount for 50% off you could get a whole pack of Idioms just for 50 cents well i have to go bye.
Kathryn walked as slow as a turtle
My sister jumped as high as a kangaroo
Wouldn't you like to have any super power well now you (almost) can, just come on down and get the direct comparison between two unlike things using the word like or as. Right here right now only at the Figurative language store.
tap,thud,tap,thud,tap,thud-Hunted teachers pg.100
Buy it for a quarter a piece or a pack for a dollar just in a snap you can be down here buying some onomatopoeia that are words that sound like the word they are describing
Helen figurative language store
her eyes are brighter than me
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