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this is my report on Belize for social studies and computer applications. I hope you enjoy this presentation.

m c

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Belize

Belize screw you by makenna chapman the capital is Belmopan. i chose Belize for my project because it is cool country and diffrent from all the rest in middle america. Belizes capital is Belmopan thier language is english this is what makes them diffrent from all the other countries. here are some facts about Belize you might enjoy
The national flower is a black orchid.
Most are Roman Catholics.
They celebrate Christmas like some of us in the united states.
Guatamala owns part of thier territory.
The national animal is a tapir. bodies of water
Belize River
Gulf of Honduras
Caribbean Sea the population of this country is 307,899 ppl
The Maya Mountains
Turneffic Islands
caves my historical site is The Sun God Temple. Because when arcioligist went in the temple they found pearls and jade and other jewlry. But deep in the temple they uncovered the Sun God. the climate ranges from 75 degreesF to 81 degrees F it is a very tropical climate. i hope you enjoyed my presentation on Belize. their offical language is English this is what makes them diffrent from all of the other countries in central america.
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