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SAR BP 2014 - 2018

No description

María Belén Villani

on 22 November 2013

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Transcript of SAR BP 2014 - 2018

AMR Inputs
0ctober, 2013

Values & Methods
Long Term Strategy & Targets
Customers needs
Scania Argentina
Respect for
the individual
Improvements Boards Dealers
Dealers Inputs
Business Plan
Boards BU
Captive Dealers Boards & monthly performance meetings
Improvements needs discussions

Regular contact based on KPI`s

Activities & Targets follow up

Secure vision alignment
Sales & Services Convention
All team together: Captive/Non captive dealers/BU

Market plan agreement

Integration Program

BU recognition to dealer performance

Dealers Pulse
Build Profitable and Sustainable relationships


Main SAR objectives 2014 - 2020

Dealer Network sustainable development and Best in class consolidation
Build a Truly Customer Oriented, Integrated and highly Motivated Organization
Reinforce - Maintain the Scania Leadership positioning in the Argentinean Market

Pulse in each Dealer with local projects/activities.

Definition of SAR support if needed

Keep improvement spirit

Communication between BU - Dealer
Pulse with BU activities, main dealer support requested from BU, and regional and global agreements.

Definition of global/regional support if needed

Keep improvement spirit

Secure Internal BU alignment

Communication between HQ - BU - Dealers
Dealers integration meeting
Teambuilding – SRS

Secure vision and goals alignment

Dealer improvement needs

Action plan agreement
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