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Media and Collective Identity

No description

Stephen Ratcliffe-Jones

on 26 May 2010

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Transcript of Media and Collective Identity

Media and Collective Identity News Film make a list of all the ‘stars’ created by internet videos such as ‘Star Wars Kid’
“Identity is complicated- everybody thinks they’ve got one”
David Gauntlett
“A focus on Identity requires us to pay closer attention
to the ways in which media and technologies are used in
everyday life and their consequences for social groups”
-David Buckingham

Internet stars Moral panics and Folk Devils

Stanley Cohen deviancy amplification spiral Occurrence and signification

Wider social implications (fanning the flames)

Social Control
1700's: First wave, mostly sailors working for the East India Company

1860: First mosque opens in Cardiff

1869: opening of the Suez Canal brings next wave

1962: The Commonwealth Immigrants Act: removed the right of automatic entry for Commonwealth Citizens, restricting it to those who had a work voucher

1972: 60,000 Asians were expelled by President Amin from Uganda, many of whom were allowed to settle in Britain.

Analyse the way in which the media has represented one group of people that you have studied "Good Arabs" including Aladdin are given American accents while the rest of the cast have "exaggerated and ridiculous Arab accents
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