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No description

Gerda Glavanics

on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of THE ROYAL FAMILY

Elizabeth ll
Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor
1952 - King George VI of the United Kingdom
is dead

- loves horses and dogs.
- UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Barbados,
Jamaica, Grenada, The Bahamas, Belize

Princess Anne
Prince Edward
The Queen of UK:

- born on 21 April 1926
- the age of 10 was a turning point
- never attended school
- 1939: correspondence with Prince Phillip
-the longest serving spouse in British
Prince Charles
The Royal Family
Diana, Princess of Wales
Camilla, Dutchess of Cornwall
Elizabeth II and Prince Philip
- 2nd child
-competed at
the Olympics in 1976,
-"Not bloody likely"
- 1st child
- heir apparent
to the trone
- married twice
- Present
- Royal
Family Tree
Prince Andrew
- 3rd child
- 2 children:
Beatrice, Eugene
- Royal Navy

- wife: Sophie Rhys-Jones
- youngest child
- 3 years at the
Royal Marines
The Princess Royal
Prince William
Prince Harry
- born in 1984
- service in Afganistan
- Vince Paton of the Rugby Union
- loves rugby, polo, skiing
- born in 1982
- Duke of Cambridge
- 2nd in line to The Throne
- attended St Andrews University
- likes rugby, football
Kate Middleton
- married 2011
- 2013: gave birth to Prince Gerorge
- likes swimming, sailing
Thank you for your attention!
made by Gerda Glavanics & Dóri Lakatos
The Windsors
- Saxe-Coburg-Gotha
- House of Windsor : 1917-
The Homepage of The Royal Family:
J.H Plumb & Huw Wheldon:
Royal Heritage: The Reign of Elizabeth II (British Broadcasting Corporation, 1981)
pictures: www.google.com
Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh
- Greek and Danish relationship
- Royal Navy
- President of the Commonwealth
Games Federation
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