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Non-Verbal Comunication

Alanna Broere and Angela van Galder

Jenna McDougall

on 4 April 2011

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Transcript of Non-Verbal Comunication

Non-Verbal Communication Alanna Broere and Angela van Galder Non-verbal communication

What is non-verbal communication? Discussion Questions How is this non-verbal message communicated ?? Is the message being communicated effectively ? What non-verbal message do you think is being commincated ? Conclusion Clip One Clip 2 Clip Three Message expressed by other than linguistic means. In other words using body language, facial expressions and gestures to express what you truly feel.
Verbal communication is always accompanied by non-verbal communication
It helps the reciever to fully understand what the intention of the conversation is
Researchers have recognized that it is impossible to study spoken language with out paying attention to the non-verbal ques.(Looking Out/ Looking In pg 185)
Non-verbal communication is ambiguous; it can be percieved in may different ways Importance of Non-verbal Communication Thank you for participating in our presentation, We hope after this discussion you understand how important non-verbal communication is in our day to day lives
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