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Tang Tweets!

No description

Amelia Merwin

on 13 November 2017

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Transcript of Tang Tweets!

Tang Tweets!
Do Now - Tuesday, November 8, 2016 - ELD
Use each of these words in a sentence relating to China (do not simply write the definition!)
Let's Put Those Words into Context!
The ___________Dynasty came in to power in 618 CE. The Tang Dynasty lasted for about 300 years, and their reign ended in ____________. This was known as the ___________ Age of China.

Earlier in Chinese history, early settlers chose to settle in the _____________. However, a negative aspect to this area was that the _____________ River flooded often, killing thousands
and thousands of people. This river's nickname is
"China's __________".

However, this river also helps Chinese land by creating
land that is ____________ (good for growing crops).
Today's Learning Objective
the Tang Dynasty’s
on China after reading 4 short explanatory texts and analyzing images.
1. The Tang Dynasty
2. The Yellow River
3. The Yuan Dynasty
4. The Chiang- Jiang River
Resources to use:
-"China's Geography" Worksheet

- China Vocabulary Packet
[4 sentences in total]
Here's an example of what a real "tweet" looks like:
-Has to be very short
-Has to fully explain a complete idea
-Can be labeled using hashtags

Perfect for summarizing!!!
Learning Objective:
Today's Task:

1. At your tables of 4, you will receive a folder with 4 different texts.
2. You will get 3 minutes with each text (by yourself, and Ms. Merwin will time you).
3. Use each text/image to create a
one-sentence tweet
that summarizes information (include hashtags if possible!)
Reminder: Your tweet should focus on this topic:
How did the Tang Dynasty improve China
One reason Empress Wu was able to keep power was because she was a very good empress. She made intelligent decisions that helped China to prosper. She surrounded herself with competent and talented people by promoting people based on their abilities rather than by their family history. During her reign, Empress Wu expanded the borders of China by conquering new lands in Korea and Central Asia. She also helped to improve the lives of the peasants by lowering taxes, building new public works, and improving farming techniques.

How did the Tang Dynasty Improve China?

Do Now - Tuesday, November 14, 2017
Table Top Twitter Directions - ELD
1. You will work with your table.
2. I will project an image and a few facts about the Tang Dynasty.
3. Your table will have about 3 minutes to create a
one-sentence "tweet"
that summarizes the important parts about the information.
4. You may include hashtags #

*The Tang Dynasty had a strong army and a strong government.
*It was also an era of great territorial expansion and wealth.
*Many people came in to the capital city to trade.
*The Tang Dynasty built roads and canals throughout China.

*The Tang Dynasty created an organized system of government to keep the country stable.

*This system of government was inspired by a man named Confucius.
*During the Tang Dynasty, people were hired to work for the government based on their skills (not based on how important their family was).

*In order to be hired, they have to pass a difficult test called a
civil service exam.

*Because of these foreigners who visited China, their religion called Buddhism began to spread to China.
*During the Tang Dynasty, many monks and teachers came to China.
Let's tie it all together!
Thesis: Many historians consider the Tang Dynasty's era to be the Golden Age of China.

3 pieces of evidence & Explanation

Conclusion Sentence
You do not need your notebook.
Take out something to write with and wait for further instructions.
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