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03.02 Public Policy

No description

Kelsey Berg

on 6 January 2014

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Transcript of 03.02 Public Policy

03.02 Public Policy
What is it?
The HB-1 policy, or school bus policy, controls the funding for school buses as well as allowing for advertisements on those school buses. Though also regulating the type of advertisements applicable for advertisement. Family friendly establishments such as Toys-R-Us, McDonalds, Target, Burger King, etc.
Costs & Benefits
-The School Board makes a profit off of charging the advertisers, money that can than be used within the schools for: New books, computers, more teachers, etc.
-The Companies get advertised to an impressionable audience
The Policy:
HB 1: Public School Buses


My Recommendation and Reasons:
My personal recommendation is that we speak out against this policy. To display advertisements beneficial to children's development, like messages of how great reading is, and to do your homework, perhaps even anti-drug posters, or stop bullying campaigns; rather than the messages of fast food, and materialism currently having negative influences on our youth. Since multiple studies have shown the great influence advertisements have on kids, should'nt we seek to influence them in a positive way that will aid in their development instead of hindering it?
By: Kelsey Berg
-Parents may no approve of the advertisements their children are being exposed to, causing hassles for school administrations.
-The advertisement could unintentionally promote negative messages to students. Example: If they only see advertisements for fast food, that my lead to a risk in child obesity.

The End
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