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FDR: 1st Inaugural speech

No description

Tiffany Caskinette

on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of FDR: 1st Inaugural speech

FDR: 1st Inaugural speech
S: Franklin Delano Roosevelt
O: Roosevelt was elected to become president and he wanted to speak with the people.
A: Americans
P: To give the American people hope that he will help the country become stronger.
S: Roosevelt wanted to help the unemployment rate go down.
T: Roosevelt wanted Americans to be motivated and he showed in his speech that he wasn't going to stop trying to motivate his people.
During the early 1930s Americans were still appalled and disappointed about the issues from the great depression. Many suffered within the outcome. Franklin D. Roosevelt suggest using his military force to help the unemployment.
Summary cont'd
"I will address them..."
He wanted to be honest about the fact that we were in a depression and struggling he was the one who was most credible to do the job.
We have to do what it takes tin order to get the country back on track after the great depression.
"... Our greatest test is to put people to work....
Me and my group believe that FDR's speech touched upon a very delicate and serious area especially during a time when our country was going through a very hurtful and troublesome time.
conclusion Cont'd
We as a nation should stick together and I do believe that FDR was absolutely correct about the reasoning for more jobs and a better economy that is why he is know as one of the most important and most successful presidents of the United States of America.
While helping the unemployment Roosevelt wanted to recruit the government itself. Roosevelt said that making money wont help bring happiness to the citizens, but working hard on our jobs will bring great achievements.
This speech evokes emotion by Roosevelt trying to make everyone feel motivated and help everyone feel strong enough to beat the depression.
New Deal
FDR also established the ground rules for the New Deal he was going to create. The New Deal was established to help the economy out of the Great Depression.
The New Deal provided relief for the poor and unemployed. Which was one of the famous "3 R's". Relief. Recovery. And Reform. It created new government funded programs that helped the poor get jobs. They also re-opened the banks and allowed them to give loans again.
Was born in hyde park,New York On January 30, 1882
He was home schooled then after went to a very prestegous private school called Groton. After he then attended Harvard. Were he recieved a degree. After he then went to Columbia, but never finished after he passed the BAR exam.
Married his late cousin Eleanor Roosevelt. Together they had five kids. Anna, James, Franklin Jr., Elliot, and John.
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Rhetorical devices
"...Nameless, unreasoning, unjustified. It has met every stress of vast expansion of territory..."

Happiness lies not in the mere poss not to be ministered unto bat to minister ourselves.
It can be helped...
Resolutely repeats.
Public procedure.
"... We are sickened by no plague of locust. When there is no vision the people parish."
"...Money changers have fled from their high seats in the temple of our civilization..."
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