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Class Scheduling System

No description

Basty Garcia

on 9 February 2013

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Transcript of Class Scheduling System

Class Scheduling
System Chapter 1 and 2 Software Development Methodology:
The software development methodology that was used in the study was Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Objective of the Study The main objective of our study is to design and to develop the class scheduling system for Data Center College of the Philippines Baguio City (CSS - DCCP) Definition of Terms Visual Basic 2010
Microsoft Access 2010
Data Chapter 1 Chapter 4 Introduction:
Scheduling is the method by which threads, process or data flows are given access to system resources. SDLC Phases Project Overview:
Most advisers use spreadsheets to store and analyze student information. However spreadsheet becomes too cumbersome to store records and might become inconvenient. CSS will solve this problem. Historical Background of Scheduling:
National Education Commission on Time and Learning found the issue of how time is spent in schools to be a matter of urgency. Statement of the problem:
The study aims to design and to develop a class scheduling system for Data Center College of the Philippines Baguio City (CSS-DCCP) 2. What are the processess involved in the existing scheduling process for Data Center College of the Philippines? 1. What are the problems encountered in the existing scheduling process for Data Center College of the Philippines? Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Data Gathering
Techniques In order to develop the scheduling system for Data Center College of the Philippines Baguio City, several interviews were conducted by giving students questionnaire about the advantage and disadvantage of manual process in making the schedule of the students. We also let the students to use our prototype system for us to know the error and to simplify the usage of our system for the users.

Document Analysis Sources of Data The output and guide in the analysts of the study which provide suggestion in choosing the proper design and development to implement the scheduling system.

Document Analysis Importance of the Study:
Scheduling is an important tool for Time Management. When you do it correctly, you will maximize your time and decrease the amount of stress you have.
To the Administrative Personnel
To the Registrar Office
To the Students
To the Researcher
To Future Researchers Scope and Delimitation The proposed scheduling system will be integrated for the Academic Head of Data Center College of the Philippines Baguio City.
The proposed scheduling system covers the searching, editing and creating of schedule of the subject that is being offered in that particular semester and it can also view, edit, and assign an instructor in a particular subject. Generation of Reports would also be included the study.
Furthermore, this study will not include the cost benefit analysis and development of the system, its installation, and the cutover phase of SDLC methodology due to time constraints.
3. What are the security and control measures that can be adopted in designing the proposed system?
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