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RV trip down to coachella

thoughts on my future past graduation

Jennifer Eident

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of RV trip down to coachella

laura van JJ me (jen) patrick alix jared a renassiance man married but still a child at heard has some great facial hair going on right now love the ridiculous and laughing until I can't breathe will love you until you give me
reason not to down for anything. especially a coversation
that will challenge my beliefs. and a glass of wine in the sun child genuis, 23 yrs old, straight to the GSB from yale a self-proclaimed math nerd (but i think she is pretty cool and hip) lilia
lilia an easy going britt been and worked around the world a private equity guru one of my closed friends sarcastic and arrogant but you can't help but loving him some times seems like he is trying to be a jerk
but i can tell he is a softie inside only just meeting him but want to learn more miss lilia kicks some serious ass, "look what she is doing
and do the same as you know its the right call"- Alex the president of the GSB she also runs huge
campaigns for issues such as gay rights and women's rights the glue that holds us all together there is no other JJ in the world, he impacts everyone he touches the definition of the life of the party yet
he rocks the business world one of myclose friends, i truly love him "always has a smile on his face (except when he is in HR) " "he looks sexy and chizzled when he isn't smiling" RV DOWN TO COACHELLA laid back and game for anything pretty just really nice and easy to talk to,
want to hang out with him more looks weirdly too much like JJ FUN and super chill and easy going,
can't stop smiling pretty cute, would be super
hot if he was taller
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