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Periodontics II

No description

on 16 September 2014

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Transcript of Periodontics II

Patient C
*Age: 63 year old

*Gender: Female

*Location: South Abington Township, PA

*Medical Issues: None

*Medications: Multivitamins, Calcium, and Fish Oil

Dental History
*Patient's last dental visit: January 2014

*Patient's last prophylaxis: January 2014

*Dental insurance: Yes

*Smoker or have a hx of smoking: No

*Patient brushes twice daily and flosses daily.

Clinical Findings
Patient's current periodontal condition:

*Chronic Generalized Active Mild Periodontitis with Generalized Inflammation and Recession Present

*Generalized Probe Readings: 1-3

*Bleeding Upon Probing was not present

*Calculus: Localized Mild Supragingival Calculus on the Mandibular Anteriors. All quads were Calc I's.

Was the patient aware of their periodontal condition? Yes.

OHI given:

*Modified Bass Brushing Method

*Fluoride Rinse (daily) for the generalized recession

*Sensitivity Toothpaste for the sensitivity

Patient C
The end...
Periodontics II
Research Project
Part III

by: Courtney Cornog
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