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Fractured Fairytales - A Drama Experience

No description

christine watson

on 12 February 2014

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Transcript of Fractured Fairytales - A Drama Experience

Fractured Fairytales

What is a Fractured Fairytale?
A fractured fairytale is designed to be humerous by changing the story in an unexpected way!
A fractured fairytale is a story that uses a fairytale that you know and has had it's setting, characters, point of view or parts of the plot changed.
Snow White Tinkerbell
The number 3 or 7 usually appears
Goldilocks and the Three Bears: Goldilocks sits in 3 chairs , eats 3 bowls of porridge and lies down in 3 beds and we as the audience are waiting for those 3 bears! (Other threes - TheThree Little Pigs, Three Billy Goats Gruff

Here are the 7 Dwarves
Fairytales often have Royalty - Kings, Queens, Prince, Princess, Lords, Counts, Ladies ...
Fairytales also have poor people or those who are just trying to survive.
Sometimes fairytales take place in medieval times. There is primitive technology and cottages and castles!
Watch the Princess Bride and practice identifying the elements of a fairytale.

We will also be looking at how this story has been changed and fractured.
How Can You Fracture a Fairytale?
1. change the main character

Maybe the dragon must rescue the princess from a terrible prince!
A fairytale usually begins with "Once upon a time..."
Takes place in a fantasy land
A fairy tale has good characters and bad characters.
Often fairytales contain magic and supernatural elements.
Yep, Snow White again
They also have happy endings.
Everybody lives happily ever after!
Fairytales often have a life lesson like Don't tell lies or Life is hard but family never lets you down.
2. Retell the story from a different character's perspective;

The evil witch decides to tell her version the story
3. Have the story take place in a different place or time.

Goldilocks in Ancient Egypt or Gangsta Red and the Po-po
4. Change the problem of the story:
* What if Cinderella refused to marry the prince?

** What if Beauty was a Beast too?

*** What if the Three Little Pigs were after the wolf???

5. Change an important item in the story:

Imagine that Rapunzel was a bungey jumper too afraid to jump!

Suppose the Pea in the Princess and the Pea was a pumpkin pie instead?!
6. You can even change the end of the story!
Maybe they don't live happily ever after at all!

1. Create a group. Groups should be no larger than 4.
2. Decide on a fairytale to fracture and determine the changes to be made.
3. Write the script. Everyone in your group should have at least 5 lines to speak. That is the bare minimum. Keep your script to 2 to 3 minutes in length.
4. The scene should have a beginning, middle and end.
5. Begin rehearsing and blocking your scene. Remember that all the action needs to take place in front of your audience,
6. Also decide on costume pieces and what you'll need for props and background scenery. Are you going to use any music? How are you going to create a forest or downtown Vancouver?

Have fun!
Before you fracture, you need to know what elements a fairy tale has.
Time now to create your own fractured fairytale!
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