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Literary Presentation

A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man By: James Joyce Patriot Games By: Tom Clancy Jeremias Hernandez

Jeremias Hernandez

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Literary Presentation

A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man By: James Joyce
Patriot Games By: Tom Clancy

Jeremias Hernandez

James Augustine Aloysius Joyce: 2 February 1882-13 January 1941
Dublin suburb of Rathgar
Cynophobia & Keraunophobia
College Life is reflected in this book
Clongowes Wood College (a Jesuit boarding school)
Home schooled short time
Christian Brothers School
Belvedere College
University College Dublin
1904-1920 Moved around
1920-1941 Settled down
His most famous works are;
Ulysses, Exiles and poetry, Dubliners, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
Similarity to his writing and his actual life experiences

James Joyce Title and its significance

The protagonist is trying to find his way in the world, he wants to become an artist and be free from anyone telling him which path to take. This title is significant in that it is in a large metaphore the story of Joyce's life as a developing artist. Time Period
Aliyah immigration of Jews to the Land of Israel
End of the victorian, and guilded age
Spanish american war, Italian & german unification, Boxer revolt, Russo-japan War

Themes, Setting, POV

Religious extremism (Catholicism)
The development of the individual consciousness
The role of an artist in this world

Dublin 1882–1903

Starts out as third person omicient (we see that it is the protagonist)
then at the very end it switches to 1st person, apistolary journal


Stephen Dedalus - The protagonist, raised in a very religious household, he does everything right. Eventually he ditches the idea of religion and adopts the philosophy of aestheticism. Stephen is a parallel to James Joyce

Simon Dedalus- Stephen's father, a former med student with alot of Irish patriotism, he is stuck in the past of his youth

Mary Dedalus- Stephen's mother very religious and forces Stephen to go to church

Emma Clery- The love of Stephens’s life, he is obsessed with her. Never actually speaking to
Her until the end, he only has "fantisiful" dreams about her.

Cranly - Stephen’s best friend. Cranly notices the difference in Stephen and tries to bring him back to the wishes of his family and keep him from his artistic dream.

Father Arnall - Stephen’s stern Latin teacher. Father Arnall speaks on death and hell in a number of lectures and truly influences the future for Stephen.
Exposition- We find Stephen’s family becoming poorer, making
Stephens education the least important, move around Dublin and he has to
Changes schools frequently. His family gets into large arguments over politics, then religion
at the Christmas dinner table.
Rising action- After Stephen has spent his entire life trying to be a good Catholic boy he eventually has an encounter with a prostitute. Directly after said encounter he listens to
A sermon about the fiery pits of hell, then decides never to do anything sinful again. But a question in his mind confronts him and is set on the back burner, “art or religion”?
Climax- He is on the beach and falls in love with Emma. It becomes obvious to him that all the religious hoo-ha about staying pure is impossible when there are women out there like Emma. There is no way Stephen can subject himself to a life of piety, thus he makes the decision to devote his life to art.
Stephen enrolls into a private university, goes and is changed forever. There he finds a true meaning in art and philosophy. He then is free from the binds of religion, his family, and society.

Style and Tone
S: Colloquialisticly Irish, alot of random latin phrases. No quotation marks. Transitions from simple language to complex theory.

T: Very blunt and serious, introspective

Critics Opinion's:

"...While all this makes for a very exciting reading experience, it also has another effect, a deeper impact that is not felt until one is well into the book. In most novels, the prose style remains essentially consistent. This allows the reader to generate a subtle image of the author, a ghostly persona haunting the spaces between the text and our comprehension of the text."

My Opinion:

(Dr. B's Great Assumption)
Easy Read
Deep meaning
Learn about Catholicism
Boring Plot
Hard to follow the dialogue
Interesting input of philosophy
Patriot Games
Title's Significance
Irish group of terrorist plot to kill the royalty of England,
this Irish group of "patriots" eventually try to take revenge
the protagonist for messing with their plans. Thus they are then involved in a game of personal vendetta.
Thomas Leo "Tom" Clancy Jr.
Born April 12, 1947
Annanapolis, Maryland
He was rejected from naval academy because
of his eye sight. He married Wanda Clancy
and they had four children before their divorce.
He is really wealthy, his books sold quite well
his most famous works are: The Hunt for Red October, Patriot Games, Clear and Present Danger, and The Sum of All Fears
Ubisoft a French gaming company bout the rights to tom's name
for an untold sum. Tom is known for being uber conservative
he donates hundreds of thousands of dollars to the republican
party each year.

Time Period of the book is in
The present day, and has a background
Of fictitious regimes, royalty, and Military
Theme, setting, POV

T: Elimination of Terrorism Requires International Cooperation
S: England and US, Annapolis, CIA head quarters, pentagon
P: 3rd person Omniscient


Dr. Jack Ryan- Protagonist, He's a former Marine, and current instructor of history at the American Naval Academy. Jack has done a little bit of work with the CIA in the past

Dr. Caroline "Cathy" Ryan- Surgeon at the local hospital. She provides moral and other types of support to Jack in the book.

Kevin O'Donnell, Sean Miller- Both the head of elite terrorist groups one being IRA and the other the Irish terrorist regime.

Lt. Cmdr. Robby Jackson- Ryan’s best friend helps at the end escape death. He provides a hysterical form of wisdom on how to handle the terrorists.

Exposition- Jack and his family are on vacation in England when, jack sees the
Royal family at a near by store shopping. Then as the royal family is getting into the car there is a group of men with a machine gun ravaging the royal car. Jack saves them and kills one of the IRA then; the leading terrorist is put into jail.
Rising action- After jack is knighted and is considered a hero he goes back home where the CIA offers him a part time job as an analyst. In the mean time Miller escapes prison and requires a personal vendetta against jack’s family for the murder of his brother, the terrorist. Miller plans an attack on jack’s wife and it accumulates to Catharine and jacks daughter in the hospital.
Climax- Jack takes the offer from the CIA to help get rid of the IRA. Now jack is using this intelligence to help get miller for what he did to this wife and child.
Jacks family recuperates and the royal family decides they want to visit jack at their home. The perfect job for miller, both of his enemies in one place.
Falling action-Miller attacks the families and chases them down a mountain then onto a boat, a finally onto a military base. Jack chases after miller on a boat then kills him.
Resolution- Everyone is saved Catherine and jack have another child, and they live happily ever after.
Style and tone

S: very simple vernacular, militarily detailed, easy to follow

T: straight forward, often sarcastic, and very exhilarating
Critic’s opinion
Action packed, very realistic, popular enough to be
made into a motion picture.

My opinion

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