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College and Scholarships

No description

Aubrey Thornock

on 16 September 2016

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Transcript of College and Scholarships

Your Future is Here

Here are some things you should do
Keep in mind...
You need to give yourself plenty of time!
Check your email address...
Some applications ask for a letter of recommendation. Make sure those you ask to write one are given plenty of time
Be aware of your social media presence
Here are some things you should NOT do
Forget your name and/or address
Submit an incomplete application
Be rude or abusive to the judges
Make spelling errors
Turn in a dirty application
So, you need to write an essay for a Scholarship?
Know your audience
Know the requirements
Be creative
Develop a theme
Proofread your essay
Make it look professional
Use a fancy or hard-to-read font
Did you know?
You can use multiple scholarships to pay for college. So apply for more than one!

It's okay to brag a little bit about yourself. You need to let your best self shine through in these applications!

Take a look at these websites:





Let's read some examples! Look for our Do's and Don'ts.
But wait! Do I even want to go to college?
What is your career goal?
College is one, two, four or more years
A technical school IS college
Any additional education after high school will cost money. Look for scholarships!
Opening Paragraph:
I will make my contribution to society by finding cures for illnesses namely: cancer, Alzheimer's and diabetes. I am planning to study at BYU for four years or until I earn my Bachelor's Degree in Chemical Engineering. Once I have earned my degree, I plan on attending graduate school from hopefully Standford, MIT, or Saint James Medical School. All of this while working for multiple research groups in hope of finding the cures I stated earlier. I know that this is a very difficult goal to achieve however; I have never stopped thinking about it.

Closing Paragraph:
People say that it's not work if you love what you're doing every day; research is something I love to do. I can't go a day without helping someone and this is my chance to help someone every day. I know the possibilities for finding a cure for cancer are slim, but as long as there is a chance, that is enough for me to say, "Let's get started."

Essay Prompt: How do you anticipate making a contribution to society?
Opening Paragraph:
A simple smile has power to change someone's life, I know that smiles have changed mine.
Smiles are a form of communication that is universal in every part of the world. It can be a sign of affection, happiness, support and friendliness. Smiles can connect people who have never met before, give encouragement to others, or friendship one who may feel lonely. The impact smiles have is great and because of that, it is all the more reason to have a beautiful smile. Ashman Dental gives the power of a beautiful smile to every patient, including me.

Closing Paragraph:
The Ashman Scholarship will help me achieve my goals and facilitate my education at Utah State University. College Tuition is very expensive, and the Ashman Scholarship would be a great blessing in my life. Ashman Dental has been a major factor in making my smile shine, and being the recipient of their scholarship would be a great honor, it would surely make me smile!
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