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Anthem Imagery & Symbolism Project

Five different symbols explained throughout the story that help us understand the logic and reasoning of Anthem.

Audrey Lara

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of Anthem Imagery & Symbolism Project

Imagery and Symbolism Light represents the learning and the truth of individualism in Anthem. With light they are able to feel other emotions such as hope, happiness, and faith. I picked the circle because it represents the sun and it's wholeness. Yellow represents the sun's light and the light that Prometheus creates. The red arrow represents the compass that Equality 7-2521 used to find a new path for his brothers. The red represents the confidence and courage he possessed in order to find that path. Reflection Mirrors are used to give someone a reflection of their uniqueness and individualism. I picked a star to represent a mirror because your reflection is unique just like a star. Blue represents the peace Prometheus feels once he discovers himself. Seeing his reflection for the first time begins to give him self-awareness. Manuscrips Uncharted Forest The Uncharted Forest represents the fear that the Council wanted everyone to feel in order to keep them hemmed in, when really it was their salvation. I chose a box because it represents the way the Council kept people in their place, but Prometheus thought outside the box. Green symbolizes the life and security he found within the forest. "'Our dearest one. Fear nothing of the forest. There is no danger in the solitude. We have no need for our brothers. Let us forget their good and our evil, let us forgive all things save that we are together and that there is joy as a bond between us. Give us your hand. Look ahead. It is our own world, Golden One, a strange unknown world but our own.' Then we walked on into the forest, their hand in ours." Society I picked grey because it doesn't stand out just like the people in Prometheus' society didn't. No one was different from one another. The pyramid represents the structure of the society and the Council on top controlling the societies while the citizens were their foundation. "We are one in all and all in one. There are no men but only the great WE, One, indivisible and forever.” Light Compass
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