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How to Read DegreeWorks

No description

Josh Perry

on 2 November 2016

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Transcript of How to Read DegreeWorks

How to Read

Log into BU Brain
A tool to help you understand your requirements
A general tutorial for
degree requirements

University Union, Room 256
Phone: 607-777-2024

Contact Information
Common Symbols in DegreeWorks
How do I run an audit?
What is a Degree Audit?
Harpur Limits
I wonder how this all works...
NOT a replacement for advising
Click on "DegreeWorks"
Go to "Your Records"
Are you thinking this?
Let's take it step by step!
That was easy!
- Requirement Incomplete
- Requirement Complete
- Requirement in Progress
TA, TB, TC...
- T = Transfer, A/B/C = grade
- In Progress
- Repeat course
Breaking it down
From the Top
General Education
Harpur Requirements
Major Requirements
Your Major (or interest)
A General overview of your degree progress and important information.
Overview of all following
click these links to jump to specific sections
sections of your degree audit
In Progress
One requirement
Many options
Course that satisfies requirement
All coursework is listed alphabetically
Upper level courses are shown again by themselves
Like Gen Eds, The Harpur writing requirement also has options
*Always consult your major department on these requirements
The same rules apply in this section as with the sections above. Look for complete, in progress, or incomplete work, and pay attention to options
Major specific criteria is listed on top
This last list contains limits to certain types of coursework. Be careful not to go over, or it wont count!
And remember, if you have any questions, come speak with an advisor!
Contact Information
University Union Room 256
Phone: 607-777-2024
Monday - Friday
By Appointment:
10am - 4pm
Phone hours:
8:30am - 4:30pm
Your class standing
(and credits earned)
Your B#
Your current GPA
Advising Contact Info
On Call:
1pm - 4pm
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