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How Sojourner Truth Changed the World

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Jack Palecki

on 4 April 2014

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Transcript of How Sojourner Truth Changed the World

Born in Rifton NY in 1787
Died November 26th, 1883

Born as a slave, Sojourner Truth was an abolitionist and a womens rights activist. She won her freedom by running to the north with her infant daughter in 1826. Some people didn't know that her real name is Isabella Baumfree.
How slavery affected them
Slavery affected Isabella through her childhood and her early adulthood. She was affected because she had many slave owners in three years.
Slavery in thier time
Slavery back in her time was the same as it was through the time she was born. Farming, picking cotton, and doing all the chores.
Any claim to fame?
She was one of the first black women to win a court case against a white male to win her son back from slavery that was sold illegally.
How Sojourner Truth Changed the World

Role in abolishing slavery
Isabelle's role in abolishing slavery was, being an abolitionist, and being a women's rights activist. She gave her famous speech "Ain't I a Women" in a womens rights convention in Ohio.
she then renamed herself sojourner truth.
Comparison to our story
She is most like Ann Maria because she was a tricky slave who was motivated to want to leave the south and become free.
she was a symbol of faith in non-violence and the power of god, after her exchange with fredrick douglass about wheter god was gone over his belief of the need for negroes to seize freedom by force.
Works cited
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