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Charles Manson- A Leader of Many

Presentation on Charles Manson

brenda stewart

on 4 March 2011

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Transcript of Charles Manson- A Leader of Many

Born November 12, 1934 as Charles Milles Maddox
in Cincinnati General Hospital
Mansons mother was an
unmarried 16 yr old named
Kathleen Maddox
Kathleen then married a
William Manson which gave
his last name to Charles
It is said that Charles never
knew his real father
Mansons mother was a neglective mother
She was raised in a strict religious home and
only rebeled against it.
In 1940 she was found guilty of armed robber

At only 6 yrs old, Manson was being moved
to various relatives
First was his grandmother who subjected him
to her religious ways in which he rebelled as
his mother before him

Second was an uncle that thought he was
feminine and dressed him as a girl on the first
day of school.
The next uncle shot himself while the state
was reposesing his land Manson robbed many stores, stole many cars
and spent many day/years in jail throughout
the years.
He grew up doing what he had to do to
survive. He had no rules. Years later Manson started what was
known as the Manson "Family".
Susan Atkins
Bobby Beausoleil
Mary Brunner
Lynette Fromme
Linda Kasabian
Patricia Krenwinkel
Leslie Van Houten
Paul Watkins
Charles Watson

She attempted to kill ford "HELTER SKELTER"
The first series of mass murders, called the "Tate" homicides, occurred at the home of Sharon (Tate) Polanski on 1969-AUG-9. Three victims were shot and/or stabbed multiple times on the grounds of the estate. These were Abigail Folger, Steven Parent and Voiytek Frykowski. Sharon Polanski and Jay Sebring were murdered inside the house. Sharon, 8 months pregnant at the time, died from numerous stab wounds, five of which were by themselves fatal; Jay died of blood loss. Both had their necks loosely attached by a single rope over a rafter. Charles Manson A Leader of Many "Mr. and Mrs. America--you are wrong. I am not the King of the Jews nor am I a hippie cult leader. I am what you have made me and the mad dog devil killer fiend leper is a reflection of your society. . .Whatever the outcome of this madness that you call a fair trial or Christian justice, you can know this: In my mind's eye my thoughts light fires in your cities."
--Charles Manson's statement after his conviction
for the Tate-LaBianca murders. Charles Manson is a convicted serial killer who has become an icon of evil. Kathleen had run away from home at the age of 15 and spent the next few decades drinking too much, with periods of time spent in jail.
His mother couldn't take care of him so Charles spent his youth at the homes of various relatives and often at special reform schools and boys homes. In 1954 Charles Manson was 19 and married a waitress named Rosalie Willis after getting out of prison because of an unusual bout of good behavior. They birthed a son in 1956 named Charles Manson Jr. Shortly after that Manson went back to prison for, again, stealing cars. After Manson was in prison for a year, his wife found a new man and divorced Charles for him in June of 1957.
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