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No description

Elizabeth Schroeder

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of Nalgene

Introducing the all-new 15oz. Nalgene TARGET MARKET:
College students; specifically freshmen females, who are health/image conscious and interested in pursuing a healthy lifestyle while at school. POSITIONING STATEMENT:
A water bottle the perfect size to put in a backpack or on a bike; one that will help you lead a greener, healthier life and avoid the stereotypical habits associated with freshman year. PRICE STRATEGY:
Top of the line product; price above comparable items on the market, but offer promotions regularly to make affordable for college students. DISTRIBUTION:
Advertisements in student publications on campus, posters in campus recreation centers, libraries, dining halls and bulletin boards of residence hall hallways and bathrooms, and in "College" issues of prominent magazines; social media advertising will be used as well SALES STRATEGY:
Nalgene’s total revenue came to approximately $70 million last year, with the target demographic (at 25% capacity) making up .162% of possible consumers of the brand, with every citizen of America being the basis for consumption. With this ad campaign and the target to raise the capacity of the demographic to 55%, the total will be .365% of possible consumers coming from female freshmen college campus students. This is a .203% increase nationwide for the possible consumption of the Nalgene brand by all Americans, which results in an increase of $9,805,000 total for Nalgene. SERVICE STRATEGY:
Available online, in university bookstores and recreation centers, Target PROMOTION STRATEGY:
New way of depicting the ad—combination of drawing and photograph to appeal to a younger audience who like the idea of being more eco-friendly and healthy; sell the idea of a healthy lifestyle as well as the water bottle itself; give potential consumers (freshman females) an easy solution to their anxieties about the "freshman fifteen" MARKETING RESEARCH:
Completion of satisfaction surveys (consumers will receive 10% off for returning); recommendations from focus groups on college campuses (paid) SLOGAN:
Introducing the all-new
15 oz. Nalgene Slogan appeals to incoming college females who want to lead a healthy life their first year of school OFFERING TO CUSTOMERS:
Bring back a picture of you with your Nalgene on your college campus and get a coupon for 25% off your next purchase
If purchasing off campus, show your student ID for an extra 10% off Overview of Initial Focus Group
How freshmen females stay hydrated throughout the day: Water fountain, water at meal times, water bottle
What kind of reusable water bottle (if any) used: Gatorade, Carolina, Camelbak, Nalgene Additional Questions
Preexisting perception of Nalgene: For outdoorsy, adventurous people; hikers and backpackers
Most would consider buying a Nalgene if sold in the Student Store
Advertising most exposed to: Print advertisements, posters
Biggest fear regarding health freshman year: Actually gaining the "freshman fifteen"
All would be interested in learning new ways to avoid gaining the freshman fifteen; willing to spend money on TRADITIONAL NALGENE MARKET:
Young (18) to middle-aged (50s) middle to upper-middle class men and women who enjoy the outdoors and nature; avid backpackers and hikers who are environmentally conscious BUDGETING STRATEGY:
Overall budget: $1,000,000Budget utilized under campaign strategy: $995,000Budget allotment/breakdown: Magazine ad: $5,000 (x10)Major newspaper ad: $36,000 (x10) Media/online ads: $6,000 (x10) Flyers/stock photography: $50,000 (x10)Man power: $2,500 (x10) TIMELINE OF PROJECTED PROFIT:
If we sell each bottle for $20, our profit is $18
As of our sales report last year, our profit before the cost of advertising from this demographic was $9,000,000
If we increase consumption within this demographic to 55%, our profit before running this campaign will be $19,800,000
Take away the $995,000 as the cost of the campaign, and the total revenue comes out to $18,805,000
The difference between the two years of profit is $9,805,000 Questions?
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