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Warriors of the Sea

History of the Navy

Champ Davis

on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of Warriors of the Sea

The Birth of the U.S. Navy George Washington rents fishing boats to attack British ships August, 1775 Congress realizes U.S. need for a small Navy October, 1775 Congress votes to allow private citizens to use their own boats to attack British vessels November, 1775 Americans defeat the British with the help of the French Navy September, 1781 August 1775 2010 2005 2002 March (cc) image by jantik on Flickr USS United States The 1st 3 ships of the new U.S. Navy were the: USS Constellation USS Constitution A navy ship often has letters in front on its name. U.S. ships have the letters "USS." They stand for "United States Ship." Did You Know? Types of Navy ships Cruiser
Aircraft Carrier
Assault ships *(this is not a complete list) strongest Confederate ironclad ship
ever built during the Civil War CSS Tennessee fought in Okinawa, Japan during WWII USS Tennessee battleship was one of only a few ships that survived the bombing of Pearl Harbor, HI nuclear-powered submarine USS Tennessee Navy SEALs A SEAL has never been left behind
or taken prisoner! Sea Warfare by Martin J. Dougherty
The Birth of the American Navy by Jeremy Thornton
The U.S. Navy and Military Careers by Taylor B. Kiland
Navy An Illustrated History by Chester G. Hearn Bibliography They were completed in 1797
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