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The Fundamental Orders of Connecticut

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Mary E

on 24 September 2013

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Transcript of The Fundamental Orders of Connecticut

The Fundamental Orders of Connecticut
Why was it important?
The Fundamental Orders of Connecticut was the first written and detailed constitution in America, and was a major stepping stone on the way to modern-day democracy. Whereas the Mayflower Compact was a general statement in favor of majority rule and consent of the governed, the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut was a detailed plan of government which gave power to the people.
How did it impact the colonies?
The Fundamental Orders made no mention of the king, and was written in such a way that not only could it be read and understood by all, but it could not be changed according to one man, or a small group. It also brought about two courts, the Court of Election and the General Court. It also gave power to the citizens to elect the colony's governor.
Why did it impact the colonies?
Back in England, the king ruled and the subjects had no say in how the country was run, but in the colonies, the colonists had a voice the the government. The Fundamental Orders kept the colonists from having to face the same unjust predicaments as they did back in England. It gave the colonists freedom from the strict monarchy, and made them feel important.
What was it?
The Fundamental Orders of Connecticut was a plan of government created by the English colonists who founded the colony of Connecticut in 1636. Due to unjust acts in England, these colonists decided that they would form a new government to ensure fair treatment to the colony.
How is it relevant to today's society?
The Fundamental Orders of Connecticut layed the groundwork for today's government. It brought democracy to America, and helped us take a step away from England's rule. This document helped shape our government and make it what it is today.
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