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Social Media 101

What is social media and how is it relevant for my business

Titus Ferguson

on 31 May 2011

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Transcript of Social Media 101

Social Media Marketing What is Social Media? Overview History of Social Media What is Social Media? Real World Examples Social Media is an umbrella term that defines the various activities that integrate technology, social interactions and the construction of words, pictures, videos and audio (wikipedia) Why Use Social Media? Its Big Affordable
Reputation Building
Customer Relations Phone Phreakers 1950-Early 90's BBS 1979 -1995 Commerical Online
Systems 1979 - 2001 Internet 1991 - Now ICQ MSN P2P Social Networking 2005 - Now Location
Awareness Ongoing Twitter Facebook Case Studies Best Practices Listen
Transparency @titusferguson

Social Media Strategist Who Am I? Practical
Applications Listening to Customers
Sales and Support
Advertising & Marketing
Turning Things on Their Head Personal Profiles vs Groups vs Fan Pages
Facebook Events
Sharing Multimedia
Facebook Connect
Privacy Mobile 200 million views of YouTube via mobile per day
2.7 hours per day on the mobile web
91% use the mobile web to socialize vs 79% of desktop users
45% post comments on social networks
43% are connecting with friends on social networks
40% share content
38% share photos 200 Million
Number of registered accounts. January 2011 110 Million
Tweets per day. January 2011 40 Million
Monthly active accounts. January 2011 Viral Video
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