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Five Unique Places to Visit

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Marcello Araújo

on 15 October 2016

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Transcript of Five Unique Places to Visit

5 Unique Destinations to visit
Water Museum
(Cancun - Mexico)

Considered a 'cradle of civilisation' Pamukkale was first occupied by the Romans in 129BC, they built a thermal station to utilize the natural hot springs, and temples to accomodate religion and the throngs of people that flocked to Pamukkale for the 'healing' that occured in the thermal pools. (UNESCO, 2013)
The only way to reach Pamukkale right now is via a bus or dolmus (group taxi), the ride from Denizli takes about 20 minutes
A further fee of 30TL ($16AUD) is payable to swim in the 'sacred pool' above the 'waterfalls'. Named the Sacred pool for its healing properties, it contains pieces of the ruins of the Temple of Apollo. (WikiTravel, 2014)
Entrance to Pamukkale is 20 Turkish Lira ($10.70AUD) for 45TL ($24.10 AUD) per person (includes entrance fee) you can get an English speaking tour guide for a 2 hour day tour of Pamukkale, Heiropolis & a buffet lunch, alternatively night tours are also available to combat the heat of the summer.
The Cotton Castle

A spa built by the Romans in 129BC on the site of natural hot springs Pamukkale (prounounced Pah-mook-kah-leh) sits below the ancient ruins of Hierapolis in the Aegean region of South western Turkey. (Brosnahan, 2014)
As of May 2013 Tourists to Turkey particularly the cities in the SE bordering Syria & Iran are warned to exercise extreme caution as there is heightened risk of Terrorist attacks in popular tourist destinations. (Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade, 2013)
Destination Pamukkale
The waterfalls are a naturally occurring formation created out of geothermic reactions, calcium carbonate deposits remain after the water cools, and steam is released into the atmosphere, forming travertine. (UNESCO, 2014)
The waterfalls are a naturally occurring formation created out of geothermic reactions, calcium carbonate deposits remain after the water cools, and steam is released into the atmosphere, forming travertine.
History & Culture
Recommendations, useful sites etc.
A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1988
What to eat, and where to eat it.
Where to Stay
The best way to reach Pamukkale from Denizli is via bus or dolmus . Shuttles from Denizli airport costs 10TL ($5AUD) or from Denizli you can board a public bus or dolmus (a group taxi) which, while the most economical can be an adventure with no predetermined route & often 'stuffed' with passengers. Both methods will take about 20 minutes from Denizli. Costs vary.
Built in the 2nd century AD over 150 years in construction the theater held up to 10000 occupants. (Pamukkale, 2014)
Hotels were previously built over the Ancient Roman ruins, they were demolished in the mid 20th century to preserve the historical significance of the site. (UNESCO, 2014)
For an authentic Pamukkale experience the best priced and freshest foods are found at the locally run Pensions in the city.
An economical child friendly traditional turkish dish served as either a snack or meal, made up of layers of pastry filled with either spinach and cheese or beef.
The national drink of Turkey Ayran, is made of cold yogurt mixed with salt and water. (Wikipedia, 2014)
The Sacred Pool
The cascading pools of Pamukkale range at their highest point/pool at 20m and vary in temperature from 35 to 100 degrees Celsius.(Pamukkale, 2014)
Entrance to Pamukkale (includes Hierapolis) costs 20TL ($10AUD) Day tours with an English speaking guide, & lunch cost about 45TL ($23AUD) (WikiTravel, 2014)
Alternatively tours are offered at night to avoid the glare off the pools and the heat of the day. (WikiTravel, 2014)
Atacama Desert

The North Gate, considered the entrance to Pamukkale was built at the end of the 5th century AD, there is another monumental gate at the south entrance to the city.
Rating; Hostel Style, $30AUD per couple, peak season.
Rating; Closest to Pamukkale, $106AUD per couple, peak season.
Rating; Luxury accomodation, $121AUD per couple per season
Rating; Most popular accomodation, $62AUD per couple peak season.
Venus Hotel
Hal-Tur Hotel
Kale Hotel
Ayapam Hotel
A turkish hot and cold appetizer, the samples served can be regional but are all generally classed finger foods. (Sayan, 2012)
City walls consisting of 24 stone guard towers and 4 gates one surrounded the city and are visual testament to Pamukkale's tumultuous history, (Meander Travel, 2014)
The best time to travel to Pamukkale is ... unfortunately it can be very crowded.
Be aware that a day and night rate exists for taxi's in Turkey, but that as a tourist you will probably be charged the more expensive ... rate, & taken the most indirect route.
While Turkish people are known for their hospitality and friendliness the same personal safety issues exist as in any city of the world and appropriate precautions should always be taken
General Tips
Best Sites
Go Turkey; the official Tourism Site for Turkey
UNESCO - Pamukkale-Hierapolis; world heritage site.
Wikitravel Pamukkale; Open source travel site.
Smartraveller: The Australian Government Travel Advisory
Hotels.com; Accommodation information of every level, user rated.
The Cotton Castle
Kebabs are sold throughout Turkey, regionally the preperation and ingredients differ, by far though the best and most authentic are obtained from local street vendors.
Built in 200BC as a dedication to an Amazon Queen (Hiera) Hierapolis still survives, in spite of frequent earthquakes in the region. (GoTurkey, 2013)
Image 8
Image 9
Image 10

Courtesy of; UNESCO
Pamukkale - World Heritage Site 1988

Courtesy of;
Ruslan Kapral 2006

Pamukkale Pools
Courtesy of;
Ray Wewerka, 2004
Pamukkale, Denizli turkey
courtesy of;
miquitos, 2009
Courtesy of;
Ministry of Culture & Tourism 2013
Antique Pool pamukkale
courtesy of;
Isriya Paireepairit, 2009


aurora borealis

The easiest way to reach Pamukkale is by air via the hub at Denizli, with flights operating twice daily out of Istanbul. (Turkish Airlines, 2014) While the Pamukkale Express train was available it ceased operation in 2012, with no indication of when service will resume. (Brosnahan, 2013)
Pamukkale Express
Courtesy of;
Tom Brosnahan, 2013
Denizli Station
Courtesy of;
Tom Brosnahan, 2013
Denizli Airport
Courtesy of;
State Airports Authority, 2013
How to get to Pamukkale
Dolmus station
courtesy of;
Ad Meskens, 2013
Courtesy of;
Radomił Binek, 2008
Ancient Buriel Site
Courtesy of;
Esther Lee, 2011
City Walls
Courtesy of;
Meander Travel, 2014
Roman Theater
Courtesy of;
Tom Brosnahan, 2014
Northern Gate at Pamukkale
Courtesy of;
Dennis Jarvis, 2005
Tomb at the Necropolis
Courtesy of;
Frank Kovalchek, 2008
While Pamukkale is not a large city, there are over 1200 tombs within the Necropolis as a lot of people come to Pamukkale for its healing powers and subsequently die there. (Pamukkale, 2014)
At the very foundation of Turkish culture the cuisine of Turkey is a passionate celebration of flavors. Sourced from the remnants of the Ottoman empire, the food of Turkey reflects it's past. (GoTurkey, 2013)
Homemade Borek
Courtesy of;
Eaeeae, 2009
Courtesy of;
Unai Guerra, 2006
Courtesy of;
Thenomaddicts, 2012
Courtesy of;
A traditional breakfast food available any time of day, made of onions, peppers, & tomatoes scrambled into eggs. Served with fresh bread and olives. (Sayin, 2012)
Crocosaurus Cove Aquarium


The most amazing place you can go on earth!
Your English Classroom!
It goes without saying
A presentation by Marcello Araújo
English student
Sculptor: Jason deCaires Taylor
From England
The statues were sunken at 10 m
(You can just dive to see them)
There are 500 statues underwater
NASA uses the Atacama to test their equipment before sending them to Mars
(The geology is very similar)
There are parks...
The Ocean...
The Milky Way
The European Southern Observatory
One of the best places in the world to conduct astronomical observations
Solar car racing!
Aurora Borealis is well known as "The Northern Lights"
Aurora Borealis:
Solar winds + magnetic field of Earth
Makes the atoms disperse and then create the lights
Aurora Borealis, Timelapse
Watch the Video
"Cage of Death"
You can ski and Snowboard in the city
click here
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