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Blossom Lodge

By Charlotte Byrne

Steven Dampier

on 5 January 2016

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Transcript of Blossom Lodge

Blossom Lodge

A Residential Home for disabled adults.

Partnership Working
Partnership working means working together across organisations. We use partnership working here at Blossom Lodge. We interact and work with different disability organisations and health professionals to help improve our standards and gain new information. We have partnership with 3 other residential homes for the disabled and we work together to come up with new ideas for our service and how to make our service better for the public who wish to send a family member to resident at Blossom Lodge. We also go on outings and days out with the 3 other residential homes so our residents and their residents can meet new people who have similar abilities to them and this gives them the chance to have a proper social life and to make new friends.
Multi-agency working
Muti-agency working is when is when people from different agencies meet regularly to discuss whether our residents need multi-agency support. Some of our residents require home visits from their nurse or GP because of their condition and the medication they are on. Also once a week, a physiotherapist comes in to help some of our residents improve on their mobility. This is how we use multi-agency working in Blossom lodge.
Working in partnership with adults, using services, families and informal carers.
Decision making
Staff training and induction
Here at Blossom Lodge, we ensure that all of our staff are trained properly in looking after and caring for disabled people. We expect them to have a qualification such as a degree, NVQ or diploma in health and social care or any health and social care related subjects. We make sure that all out staff present us with a CRB check. We also provide a training session for 4 days for new employers and then another day which they will undergo their induction. They will meet the residents and work with them and this way we can assess if they are suitable for the job.
Charlotte Byrne
It is important that we work in partnership with other services and families so that they feel comfortable with the care and support we give to their family members. When a resident joins our home, we involve necessary family members, their GP, and other necessary health professionals who are involved with their care such as community nurse or physiotherapist.
It is essential to make important and necessary decisions based on the well being of our residents. We like to make good decisions that benefit the staff here and our service users. For example, we decide to record achievements and treat the service users to something nice if we believe that they have achieved a really good thing that they may have not achieved before. This helps the residents to become confident in making their own decisions and more confident to achieve more.
Role of the Care Quality Commission
The care quality commission is the organisations that inspect Blossom Lodge to check that our care and services is up to standard. They usually come in once every six months for a proper inspection and now and again they will do random inspections. This is to ensure that they know that we are doing the best we can for our residents and that no abuse, neglect or maltreatment is being used in our home. In the past 2 years we have had 6 visits from the Care Quality Commission and each visit we have achieved either outstanding or good in our report.
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