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Happy Birthday,ChuanJin ;)

No description

Rainbow Leong

on 7 June 2013

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Transcript of Happy Birthday,ChuanJin ;)

Chuan Jin, Happy Birthday ^.^
May all your wishes come true :D
Wish you all the best and good luck in India :)
Looking forward to be your colleague in the future ;)
~Have a nice day~God bless you~^^
Chun Er Happy birthday Chuan Jin!!:) wish you all the best along your journey in india and i am sure you can do it ! : ) May god bless you and your family and serve god together :) Thank you for everything you have share with me ..and invite me to a lot of events XD ..thank you too for being a very good listener to me when i need it the most . words cant describe much about my gratefulness to you and i will keep it into my heart.. Good luck to you and see you in INDIA!XD
Louis "God bless you and keep you,
God smile on you and gift you,
God look you full in the face
and make you prosper."
Numbers 6:24-26
happy birthday chuan jin! It's a blessing to have you as a friend. Thank you for being so nice to me all the time, thanks for also inviting me to cf, uncle lee's feast and all, thank you for always sharing whatever you can especially the butter biscuit with me Many more blessings will you have for the years ahead of you; continue to serve Him and to keep that faith up. That's something i always admire about you :D Happy birthday again chuan jin! :)
Michelle happy birthday Chuan Jin, all the best in India and good luck! :D
you will be a great doctor, cause there is so much more hidden in you!
thank you for being my listener, my friend and my housemates!
miss you a lot!! T.T your support and help for others are unconditional, for that i admire you :) hope to meet you in the future! haha can't wait for our housemates trip in 2 weeks ;)
Jacky Happy birthday Chuan jin. Wish you happy always and smile always.wish you success in your studies in India and meet the right one then get married!!!haha ! Her UNi still a 'reachable ' place :D distawillnce make you miss her do much ..hahaha...k la.FIgHTING
Lorna Hi,Chuan Jin!Happy Birthday!
Hopefully you're surprised for the phone calls just like what we expected!Haha!Finally you're 20!May all your sweet wishes come true!Soon we'll be going on our separate ways.Still.I'm thankful for having such a nice roommate like you in these 2 years.I may not have told you this before in person ,but i want you yo know that,you are someone who's so nice with little flaws,and in this period of time together with you I actually tried to learn and instill in me the goodness and virtues you have.Thanks for influence you brought to me so that I can be a better person!When I look back I can feel the changes I'd undergone,and I'm proud to say that it's my roommate in KTT who played a very big role for that!Thanks for everything!I truy appreciate it! Sincerely,I wish you all the best in your future medical studies.May you have blessed birthday!Take care,and please do miss me!<3
Raymond Chuan Jin,Happy 20th Birthday :)
I'm glad to have you as my friend in these 2 years..
You are indeed a very nice and smart person..
Thank you for always helping me tapau
Thank you for bearing with my perversity
I'm here wishing you all the best in India
May all your dreams come true
Good Luck and happy always :)
Lai Hong Congratss,Chuan Jin :) You are officially 20 :D We love u always <3 Though Miles may lie between us
we are never far apart
for friendship doesn't count miles
its measured by the heart
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