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theresa Sauer

on 4 November 2013

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Transcript of D

Difference between chemical and physical changes

When a physical change happens the material stays the same, but when a chemical change happens the substance or kind of matter changes into a completely different kind of matter with different properties
types of chemical changes
Chemical equation
A chemical equation is a special kind of sentence that shows what happens during a chemical reaction.
Changes in matter By Molly Ballard
1. When cars rust
2. when you drop a antacid in water it gives off carbon dioxide gas
3.burning logs
when does a chemical change happen
some signs are a change in color or that a gas or a solid formed. A sign of this change is the change in color-the gray metal turned brownish red.
how a reactant and a product are connected
the reason a product and a reactant are connected is because a pro duct is a outcome of a reactant
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