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Components of a Helpful Recommendation

Quality Matters guidelines to writing helpful recommendations

Judith Davis

on 11 March 2015

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Transcript of Components of a Helpful Recommendation

Components of a Helpful Recommendation
: Read the standard that applies to the part of the course. Refer to that standard in the recommendation so the instructor knows what to review in order to make substantive changes.
: Refer to the information in the standard, which gives directions on how to apply the standard to the course. This insures the standard is the authority, not the reviewer's personal preferences.
Course evidence
: Give precise location within the course to items that need attention and give specific examples of how to make improvements.
of a Helpful Recommendation:
Soon the instructor's course will be flying high!
Being told their online course needs improvement can leave an instructor feeling really low.
If, however, the instructor receives recommendations that meet the QM guidelines, (s)he won't feel washed out, but ready to set sail to making improvements.
Course Evidence
What can you do, as a reviewer to be helpful to instructors?
Follow the QM steps!
Constructive - Offer solutions rather than just point out problems.
Specific - Refer to precise areas within the course and provide particular suggestions
Measurable - Begin with action verbs that can be evaluated.
Sensitive - Be positive, espousing a view that the instructor can do this. Never be negative.
Balanced - Point out well-done items as well as pointing out possible improvements.
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