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6th Grade Academy Homework

No description

Brandon Laird

on 26 April 2017

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Transcript of 6th Grade Academy Homework

6th Grade Academy Homework
Tuesday, 4/25

Literacy: Finish research paper
Science: No H.W/Finish Inquiry Question
Math: Complete Online Assignments
Social Studies:
Wax Museum daily work. Note catcher due tomorrow
Your group's assigned reading + prepare for Wednesday's Discussion

Wednesday, 4/19
Literacy: Wax Museum
Science: Study for post test
Math: Check PearsonRealize. Complete any unfinished assignments.
Social Studies:
Wax Museum daily work
English: Finish your group's agreed-upon reading; prepare for tomorrow's Discussion. NOTE: Character quiz Tues. April 25.

Monday, 4/24
Literacy: Finish wax museum paper; 4th hour- finish introduction
Science: No H.W
Math: Complete any unfinished quizzes online
Social Studies: Wax Museum poster due today. Costume due at school
(do not wear, just bring in a bag)
English: Assigned readings. CHARACTER QUIZ TOMORROW.

Friday, 4/21
Literacy: None.
Science: Complete any missing assignments.
Math: Complete any late or missing work.
Social Studies: Wax Museum poster due Monday (Costume due Tuesday)
English: Prepare for Monday's Lit. Circle Discussion.
Thursday, 4/26
: Wax Museum stuff

No H.W/Complete missing assignments.
Complete any unfinished online assignments.
Social Studies
: Wax Museum daily work
English: Your group's agreed-upon reading. NOTE: Next Discussion, Tuesday, May 2. Graded Discussions will take place.

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