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Braveheart- hero's Journey

No description

Nick Spichiger

on 3 June 2014

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Transcript of Braveheart- hero's Journey

Braveheart- Hero's Journey
The Initiation
Refusal of the Return
The Departure
The Call to Adventure
His call to adventure is when he sees the hanging body's in the hut. This is his first sign that his life is going to change because of the king of England.
The call to Adventure
Refusal of the call
At first, he chooses to live peacefully when given the opportunity to fight from the townsmen.
Refusal of the Call
Meeting with the Mentor
William Wallace's mentor is his friend that encourages his actions throughout the movie.
Meeting of the Mentor
Crossing the first threshold
This is when he attacks the first soldiers in his town. This was Williams first aggressive action against the king. He is about to change the way he lives.
Crossing the First Threshold
The Belly of the Whale
This is the part of the movie where he recruits soldiers and gains allies.
The Belly of the Whale
The Road of Trials
The meeting with the Goddess
Women as the Temptress
Atonement with the father
The resurrection
Return with the Elixir
The Return
His trials are the castles and town he had to take over to make him famous.
The Road of Trials
William Wallace experiences strong love for his wife, Murron, which later becomes one of his motives for going on his Hero's Journey.
The Meeting With the Goddess
The Temptress's are the groups of people that try to stop William. In this case it is the Nobles that are constantly trying to stop William because the king has offered them rewards to surrender or stop fighting.
The Temptress or the shape-shifter
The Magic Flight
The king is the "Father" in this story. He is the one that challenges William and hold the most power in the world.
This is when he bounces back from his arrow wound. He goes through Scotland and recruits troops for his new army.
Return with the Elixir: the Ultimate Boon
Rescue From Without
The Crossing of the Return Threshold
Master of the Two Worlds
Freedom to Live
Refusal of Return
The Magic Flight is when he sleeps with the queen. She is very important because she tells him the kings plans. He has complete knowledge of the kings plans.
Magic Flight
This is when the queen offers William the drug to null his pain. He does not accept it because he need all his strength to survive the torture.
Rescue from Without
This is William's last try to stop the English. His suffering through the torture motivates his soldiers to continue fighting and defeat the English rightfully.
The Crossing of the Return Threshold
In the end the nobles fight on the side of Williams army to defeat the English. Unlike in the beginning he could not persuade the nobles to have their men fight for their freedom.
Master of the Two Worlds
Freedom to Live
The Attonement With the Father
The Resurrection
Freedom is the Ultimate Boon
that William Wallace leaves as his achievement. Wallace quickly changes spirits and emotions when he gives his "Freedom Speech" to his Scottish Soldiers. After this, they confidently head into the battle.
The refusal of the return occurs when
he declines the offer to go back to his
homeland after defeating the English.

William Wallace does not have the freedom to live. He ends up getting captured by the English and is killed.
Nick Spichiger
Tanner Foglesong
Randy Hahn
Thomas Rysedorph
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