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Taco Bell

ADPR 3130 Taco Bell Presentation

Stephenie Lai

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Taco Bell

Christian Pena
Michelle Taylor
Stephenie Lai Introduction Popular fast food chain
Unique from other fast food burger joints
Favored for its value menu
Looking for entry into the healthier fast food market
Famous for its "Fourth Meal" campaign and late drive thru
Client - Taco Bell Research Methods Key Findings and Insights Founded by Glen Bell
First restaurant in San Bernadino, CA
Wanted to emphasize value for your dollar
Wanted to change the way of preparing tacos to fast food
Qualitative Methods Focus Groups
Word Association
Sentence Completion Quantitative Methods Original Commercial Focus Groups - Word Association Females:
Unclean bathrooms
Greasy fast food
Cheesy beef
Not high quality Males:
Friggin' awesome
Late night
Beef 212 surveys were answered online
171 (81%) were valid with all necessary information filled out.
38 Males (22.2%) and 133 Females (77.8%)
Convenience Sample
How often you visit fast food in the last month= 2.446 + .179(TB Price Fair)
•Significant at p=.010
How often you’ve visited Taco Bell in last 6 months= 1.791 + .150(Taco Bell Price Fair)
•Insignificant at p= .067
Viral Video Target Market Late teens/Early 20s
Middle-aged, low-income
Health conscious mom Advertising Suggestions College Students
Frequent buyer cards (VIB Card)
Guerilla marketing on college campuses (bun launching)
Social media campaign
Viral buzz, viral video contest
68% of males had visited Taco Bell in the last month while only 46% of females had Other Findings Out of the following 7 categories the following ranked first and last in importance: Quality, Value, Variety, Convenience, Health, Cleanliness, Speed, Accuracy of order, and Flavor
Quality of food and Flavor ranked highest
Accuracy of Order and Speed ranked lowest
No significant differences between genders in any of the seven categories
Other Findings (Cont.) About half of customers use the Taco Bell Drive-Thru
Only 1 in 10 stated they “Don’t eat at Taco Bell”
86% of respondents said Taco Bell prices are at least somewhat fair.
Only 5% of respondents believe that Taco Bell does not have good values.
Middle Aged, Low Income
Frequent buyer cards (VIB Card)
Health Conscious Moms
Social Media Campaign
Taco Bell Health Club
Happy Hour - Discount on Fresco menu The End!
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