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Mother Teresa

No description

Ritin Joseph

on 27 July 2015

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Transcript of Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa :
by Ritin Joseph
Cearley 1-7
Pre-AP English

Not the best neighborhood
Mother Teresa had decided not to live a rich life but to live as a lower class and help the sick and poor. She helped tons of people in the Calcutta slums, she referred to the slums as the devil. When she was at Calcutta, she saw the suffering and despair of people.She witnessed starvation and bloodshed at every corner. She overcame this challenge by having trust in God and knowing there was always hope.
"Where there is love,there is God", says Mother Teresa. This shows
how she adapted to a harsh

At Darjeeling,India Teresa said she
got a call from god that told her help the poor. She recalled that god said ,"Give up everything and follow me." It is here that she decided to serve the poor and faced another challenge. First, she had to gain kowledge of medicine and aid.She left for Patna,India to to learn in a crowded third class compartment. She worked day and night to learn as much as she could.Conditions were very uncomfortable. She overcame this challenge
because of her eagerness and willingness to help others. She wanted to help the poor and sick, that's wha helped
keep her going.

Getting the slums into shape
Starting a foundation
On October 7,1950 Mother Teresa established the "The Missionaries of Charity". She wanted to help the people of India, but there were multitudes of them and it was difficult to take of at
least a couple of families. She found a
solution to this challenge by founding a number of places that took care of the sick and suffering.Some of
these places are the "Nirmal Hridav",
a home for the dying, and
"Shishu Bhaven",a children's
home.This shows her effort to

Making a start
In the slums, there were no classrooms for the children to learn, so Teresa had drawn letters in the dirt to teach them.It was difficult to teach children, with no usual schooling supplies. She overcame this challenge getting donations from others and finding help from people who were willing to educate students. Afterward, she began to teach in a hut, which helped schooling though it was still very difficult with no usual school supplies. Along with education, Teresa helped families of students with their struggles, which limited medical care. With the help of others and donations she overcame this difficult challenge.This is impotant because she was making a contribution to the Calcutta slums and was makig a change.
Giving up everything
To help many in Calcutta, Mother Teresa had to change her life in many ways. As part of the Missionaries of Charity, they all woke up 5 in the morning to go to mass. She had a simple breakfast, only three different clothes to wear,one plate, one mug, and one matress. As you can see they chose to not live such affluent lives. Mother Teresa
and her sisters overcame this challenge by knowing that being poor
would help them interact with the poor and that to help people you
need to make sacrifices. To Mother Teresa sacrifices were
the way to a good future. This shows what she
sacrificed for the better good.
Mother Teresa intro:

Anjeze Gonxhe Bojaxhiu (Mother Teresa) was a Indian Roman
Catholic religous sister who was born on August 26,1910 in Skopje,Yugoslavia.
She is known to be very generous and helping,mostly towards the poor.When she was 18 she moved to Calcutta, India where she found her inspiration to help people. Many people believe she had a easy and holy life,but she too encountered challenges.
Health Issues
During her life of helping others,she was still frail and encountered multiple health issues.Through endlessly caring for every need of the poor, she became weaker and less healthier.Many other religous leaders thought it was a attack from the devil. She overcame her health issues by knowing that the the suffering nededed compassionate care and guidence. Also, she knew that she was going to die soon, but was content with it knowing she'll be
with Christ. This shows how
humble she is, by working
very hard and suffering
from it.

No Breaks
Mother Teresa worked forever for the welfare of her people. She never got any vacations and barely any breaks. All day she would be helping the sick and poor.This shows that her life was devoted to them. She overcame this challenge by believing in prayer.Many people think prayer is where she found her strength to last the day.
This show's how much she
cared for people in need.
Her death
Mother Teresa died on September 5,1997 in Calcutta,India due to a Cardiac Arrest. She lives as a great model for people and a symbol of generosity.Through one life, she changed the lives of thousands. Many people today are urging the
Catholic Church to make
her a saint.

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This website is a reliable site because since it says .org in the web address, it is a organization.Organizations are reliable.

book:Kapur.Sadhana.Great Women of India:Mother Teresa.1998.LearnersPress Private Limited.New Dehli,India.
This book is reliable because the publishing company,"Learners
Press Private Limited", is a reliable publishing company in New Dehli. Also the author,Sadhana Kapur, has wrote other books that all have very factual information. Books are also a reliable source.
Mother Teresa quotes
"Love begins at home,and it is not how much we do.....but how much love we put into that action."
"We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do."
"If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other."
"We can do no great things; only small things
with great love."
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