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Copy of Copy of Blackboard [Template]

How someone early in their career can take the right steps to get to the next level

Lois Etzel

on 4 November 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of Blackboard [Template]

This approach capitalizes on
students' "digital native" learning preferences.
Today's Classrooms
Technology for Digital Natives
Blended Instruction
Blended learning is a research based strategy which combines traditional face-to-face classroom methods with computer-mediated lessons.

Best of Both Worlds
Interaction with Teacher and other students and access to differentiated lessons infused with multi-media, on-line discussions, investigations, and formative assessments.
Blended Learning is an excellent option because of the way technology has become an integral part of our lives, especially our students - our digital natives.
Development of technology use in the school setting to:
Provide blended instruction
Draw on "Digital Native" strengths
Effective Models and Current Best Practices
Learning Recovery
Flipped Classrooms
An event which changes things so fundamentally that there is absolutely no going back...
Digital Natives
Digital Immigrants
Definition: Digital Natives are people who have grown up in the digital world using technology as a way to communicate, record, educate, and understand society. Today's tweens and teens are digital natives as they have had access to computers, cell phones, email, and other forms of technology since birth. Digital Natives speak the language of technology and are as comfortable with technology as past generations have been with pen and paper.
Blended Instruction in a Traditional Classroom
Flipped Classroom
Modified school day
Blended learning environment
Provide instruction to multiple classes and grade levels at once
Increase course offerings
Students work collaboratively
Proactive approach to re-engage student learning

Students can relearn skills and knowledge
Use Learning Gap Analyses to collaborate with teachers of record

Keep students on track with their peers
Traditional lecture is recorded so students watch the videos for homework, along with using other resources. In the classroom, teachers work with students on individual assignments and facilitate collaborative learning in small groups.
Research shows:
teachers get to know students better
learning is personalized and differentiated
students' skills and understandings are improved
Higher passing rates
Better results on standardized exams
Consistent curriculum for all students - even students who are absent

Breaking New Ground
Supporting the General Classroom:
Small group instruction
Tool for differentiation

Redesigning AIS Classrooms:

Multi-level classes
Small group instruction
Diagnostics and prescribing ILPs
Data driven

Classroom Homepage
Video Lessons and resources

Forum Discussions
Online Lessons
The arrival and rapid dissemination of digital technology.
Presented By

Dr. Lois Etzel
Director of Educational Services

Learning Recovery
Digital Natives Prefer:
Receiving info quickly from multiple sources
Multitasking and parallel processing
Pictures, sounds and video before text
Hyperlinked sources
Interacting in "real-time"
User generated content
Learning that is instant, relevant and fun
Digital Immigrants Prefer:
Controlled release of info from a single source
Single or "focused" tasks
Often prefer to get information from text
Greater need for private and personal space for introspection
Like info presented linerarly, logically and sequentially

"Treatment" is ongoing not "autopsy"
Resources are optimized during the school year,
lessening the need for summer school.

Where We Are
Where We Want to Be

Instructional Hub or Dashboard
Curriculum, Pacing Guides, Units, Lessons, Lesson Planning, Resources, RTI, AIS, Content, Assessment Creator, Item Bank, Profile / RTI e-folders
Student and Professional
Integration / Access Hub
Documents, Links, Data, Content, Video,
Internal w/ interfacing / exporting capabilities w/ external systems
Teacher Portal
Lesson Plan, Roster, assigning capabilities, data dashboard, SRS, Chat, Student Goal charts
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