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Margaux Hakkaart

on 20 June 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Online Social Networking increases social connectivity
The impact of Globalization has rapidly affected socialization over the years. Socializing has developed to two or more people messaging or talking to each other over a electronic device instead of talking face to face. This has led to new ways of socialization including the social networks available on many devices, there are quite a few disadvantages and just as many advantages.
Social Networks Now and Then
How does the internet increase social connectivity?
Talking to your friends
Long distance relationships
Online school
Why are people less connected to local communities but more connected to the global communities?
Online Social Networking
Kids can become more confident because they are interacting with people online
Social networking is improving and kids are more familiar with new technologies
Kids find support on online communities
Gives your child many new ideas and oppinions
They get to keep in touch with friends or family members that live far away
Social Networking in Schools
Sites like moodle are used by students to contact their teachers about classwork or homework
Teachers create blogs, forums and video to communicate with their students
Social Networking in Schools Increases Social Connectivity
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