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Copy of Untitled Prezi

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Minh Phạm

on 1 June 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Untitled Prezi

I was born in Viet Nam In ĐPhu Lam, Tan Phu, Dong Nai I study at Thanh Binh high school. My favorite is singing,playing piano and painting. My Life By .... (O.O)*....(Minh Anh Pham)*.·'.·'....(^,^) It's me I love my country This is my school
(O.O) My name is Minh Anh Pham. I'm sixteen years old and I'm a student.
My character is dynamic, lovely and concord. In 2013, I met a friend on facebook.
His name Duc Tran.He is fourteen years old. He is cute and humorous.
He live in American and studies here.
With me, he is a little prince...He always believed and helped me in every situation.I like talking with him. It's him
(My little prince) I like candy and ice-cream In my free time, I like listening music, chatting with my friend on facebook and I like cooking. hehe ^^ This is my father, He is forty year old. He is a great dad. I'm proud, because I'm his daughter. I love him... ^^ I LOVE MY DAD In the future, i want to became an English teacher or a vocal teacher. or With me, everything is find, I love my life. I love people, my family and my friends. Especially, my little prince- Duc Tran => My best friend... my little prince my life My favorite color is blue. It's gentle and calm. THE END
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