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Three religions of the world

Judaism Christianity Islam

Anna Fishman

on 1 November 2012

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Transcript of Three religions of the world

Three world Religions By Anna Fishman, Diana Garcia and Heidy Morales Christianity Judaism Founded in 2000 B.C in Canaan.
Founder of Judaism is Abraham. . In the Roman Empire Christianity originated in 26 A.D. Jesus spread and taught this religion to others. Beliefs They believed in one god that was everywhere. God had a plan for his followers the Israelites.
Holy book is the Torah.
The Torah has five books in it they are; Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. They believed that the oldest male is in charge of the family.They also believed Saturday is a holy day. They taught moral standards too like everyone is equal before God. J Their beliefs were based on Jewish beliefs.
Believed in only one god and accepted the Ten Commandments
Jesus called himself the Son of God.
Who ever believed in him would have eternal life and spiritual salvation.
Emphasized God's love and taught the need for justice, morality, and service or other. Beliefs Impact on people Impact on people and cultures The spread of the Jews to other parts of the world during the Diaspora helped spread their religion and helped influence others to become the Judaism religion. Also some people got persecuted (put in Jail or killed because of their beliefs ), because other people thought the religion was not important. It influenced other religions such as Christianity and Islam. After Jesus death Paul started to spread Jesus teachings. They started to spread Christianity to other parts of the Roman Empire.The Romans found Christians disloyal to Rome because they refused to honor the emperor with sacrifices. Christians met in secret to avoid persecution. But persecution increased and Christians who were persecuted were called martyrs. These people were put in jail due to their beliefs. Christianity kept spreading though. Islam Beliefs Islam Muslim started to expand to North Africa and defeated Byzantine and also expanded to Spain. Non-Muslims had to pay a tax and allowed Christians and Jews to practice their religion. But then some christians or jews turn into islam to gain political or economic advantages. Impact on People Found in 610 A.D. in Mecca Cave. Founded by Muhammad at age 40 because an angel talked to him Islam believed in one god. Their book was the Quran. They followed the five Pillars of Islam. These are rules people have to follow in order to be Muslim. The five are believing in their god,fasting the entire month when an angel talked to Muhammad, got to Kaaba, Mecca once a year if you're well enough to go to pray, help the poor and pray five times a day.
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