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Little Women Prezi

No description

Hailey Pohanka

on 13 June 2017

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Transcript of Little Women Prezi

Little Women Prezi
Quotation from a character from Little Women
The author's theme in Little Women
The author's theme in Little Women is always stay humble and kind, live your life to the fullest. Always follow your dreams. Another theme in Little Women is always be great full for what you have, and what you get. Some evidence for this is '' Christmas wont be Christmas without any presents," grumbled Jo lying on the rug. And the evidence for always stay humble and kind, live your life to the fullest. Always follow your dreams has evidence through out the whole book.
Little Women
Prezi Designer: Hailey Pohanka
Title Of Prezi: Little Women
Author's name: Louisa May Alcott
Publisher: Dalmatian Press
Copyright date: September 30, 1869

Why I think Little Women Is a Classic

Why I think Little Women is a classic is because, Little Women has stood the test of time. It is a famous book around the world. It is also a very old book, and it's a book of literature all over the world.
The Main setting of Little Women
The main setting would be in the March family's house. Another major setting is at Laurie's house. Also, the ice scatting rink, pond, and on top of a hill.
The plot of Little Women
Three Main Characters
Character 1: Jo (Josephine): Jo is a 15 year old young woman, tall, thin, and has brown hair. She also has a talent for writing. She has a slight temper, but has a thing for literature. Jo pretty much for a living reads to her grandmother, who couldn't read.

Character 2: Meg (Margret): Meg is 16, sensitive, and has a dream for living in a nice lifestyle. Meg can sew, cook, clean, and do everything, a normal mother could do. Meg is tall, thin, and has brown hair.

Character3: Laurie Laurence: Laurie is 16, loves the Marches next door, and is a great spirited boy. Laurie does everything he can to make the Marches girls happy. Laurie is a cheerful young man. Laurie tall pretty thin and brown haired.
The plot of Little Women is: First the March family met Laurie's family. Secondly both families got to know each other very well. Third they're living their lives like no other person would.
"I'll never forgive you for as long as I live!" Jo said as she stormed off.
"Jo can you please forgive me? I am really sorry." Amy said.
Why I choose this is because it's always good to forgive your siblings, even if they did something bad to you. Another reason why you should always forgive people is when your older you may never see your sibling.
Video link
The description: Why I chose this video is because it explains a lot about the movie and all the characters
Interesting things about Little Women
Search up: 10 Things You May Not Know About 'Little Women'
Also search up: 11 Surprising Facts About 'Little Women' And Louisa May Alcott.
Three photos
The March House
The March Family (Without their Dad) Hugging
Laurie Laurence's House
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